9 Blockchain Applications You Should Know


Blockchain is the leading technology in Information Technology. We have been doing our research for years about blockchain. We will share here 9 Blockchain applications that you should know. Blockchain is developing a new digital word by its uses in all fields. Nowadays people are interested in blockchain development because it’s more secure, reliable, and decentralized than others. 

There are a lot of applications based on blockchain development and they are doing really very well business. Nowadays most widely blockchain is used in cryptocurrency but what if we are able to use this into food safety, Voting or elections or shipping then the world will be changed again by blockchain. Most commonly known blockchain application development companies like IBM, Walmart, Amazon are finding alternative solutions for that. 

Here are some amazing applications based on Blockchain- 

  1. Ethereum 
  2. IBM Blockchain
  3. Hyperledger Fabric
  4. R3 Corda 
  5. Steller 
  6. Hyperledger Sawtooth 
  7. Tezos
  8. EOSIO 
  9. Quorum 


Ehteram is the most commonly used blockchain-based platform nowadays. It was founded in 2013 by a 23 years old Russian- Canadian  Vitalk Butern. It has smart concentrating and flexibility. Ethereum is the oldest and best decentralized bitcoin platform. Ethereum is widely adopted by many industries like IT, Ed-tech, Financial, etc. There are a lot of platforms for the exchange of non-gugiable tokens (NFTs)- NFTs are digital assets that can be exchanged with bitcoin. It owns a cryptocurrency known as Ether. 

IBM Blockchain-

IBM is the most decentralized blockchain widely used in enterprises who are seeking less risk.  IBM Blockchain toll is designed for simplicity, usability and modified according to requirements. IBM is also user friendly and it simplifies critical tasks such as setting up testing and smart contracts. 

HyperLedger Fabric- 

Hyperledger fabric is a set of tools to create blockchain. It was developed by IBM Blockchain and The Linux Foundation. It was developed at ground level. One of its key goals is to develop a framework for enterprises and cosdebase. It works in closed blockchain development, which improves security. 

R3 Corda-

R3 Corda was launched in 2015, this is worlds biggest digital financial instrument management system and used broady in the financial segment. It was developed for banking but later it can be used in healthcare, supply chain management, government and emerging. R3 Corda is one of the secured platforms for assets or transactions. 


Steller was one of the latest platforms for digital asset, digital transfer of money and one of the best decentralized protocols for digital currency. A lot of companies are using steller for digital transactions across borders. 

Hyperledger Sawtooth-

Another open source blockchain miracle is Hyperladger sawtooth developed by hyper ledger and Linux foundations. It was based on hardware based security for the enterprises. 


It was founded in 2014, from that time it helped to develop most decentralized software or applications, financial instruments such as NFTs. It warmly welcomes all the financial plans. Tezis ia updating angular tine.


It was founded in 2018, Basically it is also a decentralized based digital currency management. It uses a complex mechanics based PoS, that provides much better performance from others they are older then now. It also helps in the governance and voting system of india. Its features are fast transactions and advanced security systems.


Quorum is a customized version of ethereum  & developed by the words one of the biggest companies JP Morgan. It promotes high speed transactions between financial banks & insurance companies on a private network. 



In the era of digital services, there is a huge requirement of blockchain development and blockchain based platforms are used widely. Today’s transactions are mostly online and the policy is really very difficult to handle. That’s why blockchain development companies come into the big picture. Etherrum is the blockchain development company which innovates blockchain development.  



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