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When you buy products for an important place like your home, your office, or any other place important to you, you don’t just put your money into it, but also your heart and soul. You deserve to know whether you trust quality plywood. And when you are out to buy from a renowned company, you need to make sure that there are no clones. 

Why is it important to inspect your plywood?

Plywood is going to be a major part of your home once constructed. It is important that you check the authenticity thoroughly. It needs to have an immense amount of strength to go through all the weather and environmental changes and not damage. The flexibility of your chosen plywood must also be high. It proves to be a great help while the construction of curved surfaces.

It must provide you with sound and heat resistance inside the house. Because of the excessive need to help with increasing sound pollution and heat or thermal resistance in India these days, plywood must do those jobs properly. 

If you are thinking about the original, or rather the natural wood, plywood would be effective for low cost and longer durability. Wood usually expands against heat and moisture and thus has to be replaced repeatedly, which is not possible a lot of times. Furthermore, it is easier than natural wood to maintain. Plywood can last up to a decade many times.

How to check the authenticity and get a warranty?

CenturyPromise is an app that brings testing this authenticity from the comfort of your home. Not only for customers; this app can also be of benefit to retailers, dealers, and contractors. 

Below are the very easy steps you need to follow to check the authenticity of plywood and get an e-warranty certificate for the same –

  1. Go to the play store or whichever app store you use and download and install the CenturyPromise app.
  2. Secondly, you will be needed to create an account on the app. You can do so by clicking on ‘register to use and creating an account by filling in the necessary information. If you have already created an account previously, you can simply get into the app by logging in. For this, you will need to click on ‘already a promise app member?’ 
  3. As soon as you are in the app, you will find the QR code scanner in the app. Or there is also option number 2, where you can directly enter the code.

The authenticity of your plywood will be crystal clear to you by following these 3 easy steps. If the product you have is an original and authentic one, you will then be able to download the e-warranty certificate of that particular plywood, and if not, a clear message saying “Not a Genuine CenturyPly Product” will appear on your screen. The app provides its users with regular offers as well. 

This app has helped numerous customers and saved them from the duplicate and corrupt market. Here are other reasons why you should give this app a chance. Other than checking the originality, here are a few advantages –

  • Free of cost- This app is totally free and does not involve any additional or hidden costs.
  • Available on both apple and android devices. You can download this app from your iOS or google play store.
  • Gives you an idea of how waterproof, free of viruses and durable plywood should be.
  • Provides you with an e-warranty certificate on genuine products.

If your plywood comes out to be fake or a duplicate, immediately contact your plywood manufacturer or seller and get it replaced with an authentic one. 

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