Blue Sapphire Gemstone Prices: What You Should Know Before Investing


The term “sapphire” has its origins in the Greek word “sapphirus,” which denotes the color blue. Though the original blue sapphire price varies with the color’s intensity, this precious gemstone is priceless. While it is a common misconception to associate sapphires solely with the color blue, these gemstones actually come in various hues, with blue being the most prevalent. Sapphires are a beautiful variety of mineral corundum. The color of the natural blue sapphire stone is a result of trace elements within its crystal structure.

 In Hindi, blue sapphire gemstones are referred to as ‘Neelam,’ and they boast exceptional hardness, scoring high on the Mohs Scale. This exceptional hardness makes them an excellent choice for jewelry, and their enduring appeal is intertwined with a rich history and a modern-day appreciation of their beauty.

What truly sets these stones apart is their remarkable formation process, which unfolded over millions of years, resulting in these breathtaking wonders.

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What Initiates The Natural Neelam Stone Price From Its Counterpart?

Neelam Stone, also known as the September birthstone, holds a significant place in Vedic Astrology and is renowned for its powerful astrological benefits. Among the nine major rates, 

Neelam Stone stands out as one of the most potent and effective when worn correctly.

One of its primary astrological benefits is its reputation as a bringer of good luck and wealth. It is believed that wearing this mystical gemstone can bestow financial prosperity upon the wearer, leading to a life guided by luck and abundance.

Neelam Stone also plays a crucial role in enhancing personality development. It aids individuals in making sound decisions. Students benefit from improved focus and concentration, and it is believed to infuse positivity and self-confidence, as per astrological charts.

This blue-hued gemstone has a rich history of astrological significance. It is not only believed to bring good luck and financial prosperity but also supports personal growth, academic success, and overall well-being by aiding in digestion and promoting a sense of calm. Its deep connection to Saturn adds to its reputation as a powerful and beneficial gem in the realm of astrology.

Several key factors influence the price of Neelam Stone in India, often evaluated through the “4 C’s.”

How does color impact the price of sapphires?

The predominant factor in determining the blue sapphire price is its color. The color assessment takes into account three essential attributes: hue, saturation, and tone. For the blue variety of sapphire, color is of utmost significance. The primary hue is blue, with possible secondary hues ranging from violet to green. 

Generally, stones with a purer and more intense blue color command higher prices. The tone and saturation levels of the stone also play a crucial role in its value. The most prized natural blue sapphire gemstones exhibit medium to dark tones and vivid saturation. Sapphires originating from places like Kashmir and Sri Lanka are highly sought after for their stunning and rich colors.

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How does the clarity of the stone impact its cost?

Natural Neelam stones of exceptional clarity are rare and highly valuable. Many sapphires available in the market undergo treatments to enhance their clarity and color. The presence of inclusions in a stone can affect its clarity and color, prompting various treatments to address these imperfections. 

The price range varies accordingly: flawless, “eye-clean” gemstones, free from any visible inclusions, command the highest prices, while those graded as “very slightly included” or “slightly included” are priced lower. Treated Neelam stones are typically the most budget-friendly option.

Is cut an essential aspect for determining neelam stone price in India?

The quality of the stone’s cut significantly impacts its value. A precise and skilled cut, which maximizes the stone’s color and brilliance, is highly desirable and results in a higher price. Additionally, an expert cut aims to retain as much of the stone’s final weight as possible while minimizing any undesirable inclusions.

Does carat weight impact the original blue sapphire stone price online?

As with most gemstones, the original Neelam Ratna price increases with its carat weight. Larger stones tend to be more expensive, and the origin of the stone can also contribute to price variations. 

In summary, the price of original Neelam Stone in India is a multifaceted consideration, taking into account factors such as color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and origin. Each of these factors plays a significant role in determining the value and cost of this cherished gemstone.


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