Celebrities Are Going Crazy Over These Headband Hair Extensions

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Do you ever wonder how celebrities would alter their looks so quickly? Hair Extensions are the secret to a dynamic do!

Why do Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions?

When you think of new fashion trends, a refreshed wardrobe is the very first thing that is popping into the minds of most people. That is a decent way to get started, but there’s so much more to fashion.

Combining both clothes and your New Hairstyles will produce even greater results. A simple adjustment of your hair could dramatically change your look! It can turn one’s image from a wild and passionate goddess to a dull housewife. And the opposite is real, too. What you thought, for example, made you look like a queen or a princess five years ago could seem quite different in today’s fast paced world

The truth is, almost every celebrity you consider has worn hair extensions to help them achieve a range of red-carpet events and photo shoot looks. Can you believe it?

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Hidden Crown hair

You don’t need us to remind you how awkward and high-maintenance they can be if you’ve ever worn hair extensions. If it’s not clip-ins that take you to do yourself forever (and leave scope for human error), then it sew-ins or bonded extensions that warrant an afternoon in the salon.

And it’s no wonder that when the hair extensions from Hidden Crown hit the scene they blew up on celebrities and celebrity hair stylists for the sheer simplicity and comfort of wearing extensions like a headband. Shelley Goodstein, is the founder and CEO of the newest, hottest hair extension design on the market, which requires No clips. No glue. No damage. Literally the easiest extension ever.

These hair extensions are shaped like an elastic headband with hair tied across the back, instead of the boring method of adding several clips. All you have to do is slip it over your head so it sits around your head’s crown (hence the name), place your own hair around it, and continue as normal. It’s so brilliant that these halo-shaped extensions are now favourites of every celebrity.

Celebrities wearing Hidden Crown hair

If ever there was a person known to have incredible, long luscious blonde hair, it would be Iggy Azalea, the celebrity rap star. But we’re going to let you in on a secret: she (like many of the glitterati) uses extension — and hers is totally DIY friendly!

What also sets apart the extensions is the consistency of the hair, which is why they are loved by celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake. The density and consistency of the hair that Hidden Crown have is different and very satisfying.

Loving the fluffed bob on Hailey Baldwin? The Secret Crown Hair Clip-in Extensions can be thanked.

What made them stand out was the purpose of these halo-type hair extensions — which is to make extensions appear less overwhelming and easier to handle. That is how they were discovered by the celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan.

Hidden Crown’s Halo Style Best Hair Extension is a temporary and innovative alternative to bonding, gluing, tapping, clipping or weaving. The weight of your own hair over the top of a clear transparent wire is literally undetectable, and stays put perfectly with it. It’s easy to do yourself, and it takes less to put on than a minute.

Since Hidden Crown is made of human hair, you can treat it like your own and use a blowdryer, curling iron, straightener, cut it, brush it, wash it and style it all over and again.