Top Event and Ticketing Mobile App Startups 2022

Event and Ticketing Mobile App


Business plans vary throughout time, occasionally as a consequence of shifts and other times as a consequence of technical advancements, which leads to the birth of exciting new trends. Enterprise Ticketing Platforms is one of many interesting and unique themes that are becoming extremely prevalent. We closely monitor the startup ecosystem around the world.

Being one of the most volatile industries operating mainly through the mobile app ecosystem, Event and ticketing platforms are yet some of the most popular ones among countless users. There are innumerable event and ticketing startups but the focus of this blog is to cover the best ones among these.

Top Event and Ticketing Mobile App Startups 2022 

With a constant rise in the technologies worldwide related to mobile app and software development, the Event and Ticketing industry has seen countless names emerging in the game. This new competition is forcing each to take its services to the next level which is very good for the consumers.

Below is a list of the most intriguing Enterprise Ticketing Platforms firms of 2022 from a total of 1008 worldwide:

  • Bandwagon: A website that provides white label ticketing tools to event planners. It was started in GreenVille, U.S. with initial funding of around 1 million dollars. The platform allows vendors to exchange tickets and produce digital tokens for clients. The software also features a shopping cart feature for upgrades and products. Additionally, it provides approaches for gathering user-generated content about events.
  • InviteManager: Event planners and venue owners can purchase DIY ticketing options from InviteManager. allows event planners to make personalized invites and websites, confirm attendees, and keep an eye on attendance figures in real-time. offers Concur, Outlook, and Salesforce connectors. Additionally, it offers a Ticketmaster integration, enabling venue owners to sell VIP and business seats using the InviteManager platform. Nissan, KPMG, MasterCard, Google, NBC, American Express, Oracle, Under Armour, and Verizon are just a few examples of companies that have used our services.
  • Explara: A website that sells tickets for events, registers attendees, and provides event organizers with solutions. Additionally, it has linked Ola and Paytm with the movie ticketing site. Four service categories, including event tickets, enrollment, payment services, event marketing, and logistics, are the main areas of focus for Explara’s cloud-hosted event solutions platform. used to be called that. Recently, the events-social discovery was introduced. Events will now have tagged topics and locations that are related to them. It provides an organized marketplace. Some of its clients include CFA Institute, NASSCOM, TE Global, and ASME.
  • Ticketleap: An online ticket seller and event promoter that gives customers the means to interact with the public. By providing e-ticketing services to smaller businesses and events in addition to bigger ones, it sets itself apart from other big-ticket sellers. With social media integration through Facebook and Twitter, the system is used to plan events and sell tickets. Additionally, it enables bar-code scanning for the check-in of participants. Every time a ticket is sold utilizing their platform, they take a percentage.
  • Burbio: An event management tool called Burbio uses a calendar. Users can manage individual events, create events based on calendars, and manage events for libraries, communities, schools, and other businesses. It gives users the ability to organize activities based on their current location and sync events with their personal calendar. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both sell the program.
  • Expo: With the Expo Pass event technology platform, Expo makes organizing events of all kinds simple. With the help of their cutting-edge technologies, event planners can arrange, manage, and host any type of live or virtual event. Additionally, their tools are simple to use so that organizers can get started right away. However, that does not imply that they are always unreachable. Every customer gets a personal Event Success Manager right away.
  • Fluid Event Management: You may quickly and easily create event websites, registration forms, or surveys without having any HTML experience. Anywhere, at any time, you can collect and manage your registration data. Add as many questions as you like, apply question logic, take payments, and print badges. Create as many pages as you want to give your website a sensible flow. There are countless options. Your data is readily available and pertinent to your reporting needs with a selection of standard reports and a completely configurable reporting tool.


The Event and Ticketing Management Mobile App industry is constantly seeing unprecedented growth in the business. There are countless startups developing smart tools to make the industry better. There are still several loopholes in the industry that need to be tackled carefully. But with growing tech and increasing reliability of users on such mobile apps this industry is destined to grow like never before. There are several Event and Ticketing Mobile App Development Companies worldwide delivering the best Event and Ticketing App Development Services.

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