Five Essential Accessories for Your Pet Dog


While you welcome your new friend in your home, there is always lots of stress about how he will be able to gel up with the other family members. These adorable puppies are liked by all and sooner they become an integral part of your family. To allow them to have a stress free living the owners are always suggested to bring some accessories at home to help them in living better. Here we will explore few accessories for your pet dog that are must for him to lead a stress-free life:

Dog Carrier:

The per carrier is a great way to carry your pet while you travel. If your pet is a bit small then you can buy out a small pet carrier for travelling. Once you know your dog’s size then you can purchase the right size of the carrier for your dog.

One of the other options to have at home is to buy out a carrier that can be stuffed with all dog supplies and is collapsible and foldable for easy travelling. This is a quite handy feature to have and allow you to be more organized in life. Available in varied colours the dog carrier provides extra protection and comfort and if bought in the right size will allow you to have less stress.


Doggles are the goggles for the dogs. They can be used for providing the desired UV protection i.e. important for dog dog sufferings like pannus a kind of canine corneal illness or are used by rescue dogs to search for danger in debris and sand. The Doggles can be of benefit for blind dogs as with the corrective lenses and opaque ones for them they can feel comfortable for walking around.

Seat Belts:

Seat belts are very much important for the dogs as they allow them from being ejected if met with an accident. Even if the accidents are at low speed then too a dog is propelled at 20mph. The seat belt can be used for absorbing the deceleration forces. The restrained dogs also require to have seat belts as they cannot interfere with the driving, bolting event or tangle with police.

Saddle Bags:

Clever dog owners always keep a lot of items being stored in their dedicated dog satchel or backpack. It can help it eliminate the time being spent searching for scattered items and you don’t need to search for any of them when required. Saddling with the sack being stuffed with the stuff is one of the great ways to travel with your pet.

EZ-UP Harness:

The EZ-UP harness is a leash designed for assisting the dogs diagnosed with hind problems, i,e, arthritis, broken bones, muscular or skeletal issues. This product is quite unique and is available everywhere in the market and is quite easy to use and take off or can help in staying comfortable for all day and night. The dogs can be adjusted in using the EZ-UP harness quickly as it is quite comfortable. It will never harm or chafe your pet and is also endorsed by many veterinarians.

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