Importance of Queen in Carrom

importance of queen in carrom

One of the most important parts in the carrom game is the Queen. Whatever you are playing carrom, you always have eyes on the Queen. A key part of carrom is that you need to put the carrom pieces in between the gaps on the board to get points. The most important piece of this puzzle is that you need to score points with the queen, because it gives you a lot.

A player who covers the queen with a shot has won half of the battle. When playing carrom real money, the queen piece is usually in the spotlight because oftentimes all of the players are blocking or trying to cover her. When playing carrom, success can often be determined by how quickly one secures the queen.

Carrom is a game that also has a queen. You need to know the rules of carrom to understand why the queen has a red appearance and how it is related to the player’s technique in how they can win the queen.

What is the Queen in Carrom?

When playing carrom, the most valuable piece is the Queen. They are found on the red circle at the centre of the board and they work as both black and white pieces. The queen holds three points, and the other pieces hold one point each. In some informal matches played in Indian homes, the players add five points to the queen. Others have rules that give 10 points for black carrom men and 50 points for the queen.

To win a carrom board game, you have to pocket the maximum coins and red coins to score more points. The earlier you pocket the queen, the higher your chances of winning the game.

When you cover the queen with a white carrom man, you score 50+20 points. When you cover the queen with a black carrom man, you score 50+10 points.

Rules For Queen in Carrom

Carrom is a game where you move pieces around a board, and your goal is to make sure the king hits other pieces until there are none left. When you play carrom, keep these rules in mind to get points (e.g., if you pocket the queen in the carrom board game).

How to Pocket the Queen in Carrom?

To score the queen while playing Carrom, place all the other carrom men surrounding the red coin at the centre of the board. Use your swipe to move a carrom man and pocket the queen by trapping it with an opposing carrom man.

  • In order to win, you have to pick up a piece of your colour and then put the queen in a spot where there is already one of your colours on top.
  • If you don’t cover the queen before your next turn, you can keep attempting to pocket the piece you are not assigned.
  • If you fail to pocket the Queen, then she will be returned to the centre of the board and will cost you a turn.

Rules for Queen are important in carrom during the break shot

When someone begins to play carrom, they start with their break shot. The player will strike the carrom men in the centre of the board to create a circle and then proceed to take their shot.

If a player pockets the queen in the break shot, they must pocket one assigned coin first before another that covers it before the queen can be pocketed. If the first assigned coin is not pocketed or if there is no second one to cover it, then the queen is returned to its original position in the centre of the board.

How the Queen-after-a-penalty rule in Carrom works

In a carrom board, if you pocket a striker, you have to return a coin back to the centre. That said, if you have no coins in hand, the queen piece plays an important role.

    • If you want to keep playing, but haven’t pocketed any coins, you incur a penalty. If you happen to pocket the Queen, then it is taken as the penalty for that next turn.
    • When the pieces remaining on the board are your last two coins and the queen, you must get all of these pieces off the board and pocket your coins as well.

Carrom Rules if You Pocket the Queen with a Carrom Man

When pocketing a Queen, a striker, and a coin together in the situation described above, use the following rules:

There is a penalty for playing your turn. If you pocket the queen and the coin with one move, these coins are taken back for placement on your side of the board.

        1. If you pocket a coin, a queen, and a striker with an improper stroke, there will be two penalties. You’ll have to put back on the carrom board any queen and coin you pocketed earlier in your turn.
        2. When you pot a striker by proper stroke while pocketing a queen, it is not possible to place the queen back on the table. As a penalty, you have to give one coin as well as lose your turn.
        3. The queen will be returned to the board, and you will lose your turn if you pot a striker by an improper stroke while pocketing a queen cover.

AIO Games has recently introduced a new 2-player carrom game format called Carrom Combat. Here are the rules to play the game. 

  1. You’ll need to wait for your opponent to take their turn before you can start, so make sure you set aside plenty of time for the game. 

2. When you’re ready, you’ll be assigned black or white coins to play with and will have to hang on to them for a timed period. If you don’t manage to hit the pawns in your allotted time, it will count as a miss. 

3. You’ll also get penalised if your striker gets holed – it will count as a foul. You can only win by hitting either the queen or the cover and if you are playing with either black or white coins – if an opponent has both colours in their possession, it means they’re going too fast. 

4. The penalty is that when a player fouls, their coin is placed back in the centre where they have to wait until they can play again.


In carrom, the red coin is the most valuable piece. In a break shot, all the players chase the queen to secure it quickly and have an advantage in the game. 

With everyone chasing after the queen, the game gets more thrilling and exciting. To cover the rules of carrom queen each time you play on an online or physical board can help you get more points by playing more efficiently.

The Carrom game has gone online with many different applications introducing their own version of the traditional board game. Let’s move on to where you can play this Carrom game first-hand. One, called Carrom Combat by AIO Games, gives you the chance to win real money if you’re good enough. 

The way that this game is played with 2-4 players can be difficult but AIO Games offers a more relaxed 2-player format that has made it one of the best carrom games online.

If you play carrom combat games on AIO, you can connect with other carrom players and test your skills. AIO has various money earning games that require little effort to learn and a smooth UI. Players get paid in real money while they


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