Know all About Sanotint Hair Care Products


Be it women or men, hair loss issues are prevalent for everyone. Although the market is full of products related to hair like serum, shampoo, conditioner or mask, still people complain about their hair issues regularly. To solve them a proper hair solution is required that can treat the hair regularly and gently in a natural way. For the same you should look for Sanotint hair products because they are just not chemical free but can help in providing them proper nourishment too.

The Sanotint hair products products are amazing and based upon best scientific investigations along with high quality ingredients used in preparing the solutions.

Lets know about some of the Sanotint hair care products:

Colourcare Conditioner:

If you are looking for a conditioner that will keep your hair bright and soft. The Sanotint conditioner possesses raspberry fragrance and strengthens, restores and protects the hair natural beauty. It adds a sun filter making it perfect for preventing dryness caused due to UV rays. It can be use after hair wash with the Sanotint Colour Care shampoo

Sanotint Lightening Kit:

The lightening kit will allow you to provide customized effects and also lighten up your hair colour. With the help of the lightening kit you can lighten up your hair colour in 2 to 3 tones and can create flashes and streaks for obtaining natural highlights and reflections tones and following trending hairstyles.
Being added to the Sanotint color, it helps you in getting through the lighter shade. It is quite ideal for obtaining red colour, especially if you have applied for red hair colouring.

Silk Mask:

The silk masque is said to provide 3.5 – 4 A beauty treatment with an incredible result, easy to manage, incredible result and less breakage while brushing through intense conditioning as it leaves the hair silky, glossy and soft.

The silk mask consists of smoothing against that can protect and nourish the hair without weighing them down. The silk masque will lightly enobes the hair fibre and prevent the split ends. Your hair will be protected and nurtured like never before as it forms a special film to protect your hair from humidity and pollution.

Shampoo Damaged hair shampoo:

The shampoo is ideal for permed, damaged and coloured hair reinforced and regenerates the hair, guaranteeing complete scalp protection. The softening, balsamic and nutritive properties for natural extracts of Lime tree and Camomile recapture the brightness and softness of hair.
Shampoo is equipped with highly soothing properties of Helichrysum, Passionflower and Yarrow and the softening and nutritive action of millet extracts, shampoo improves the looks of hair, making it soft and regenerated.

Hair Styling Mousse:

The product is equipped with Ginkgo Biloba and millet extracts especially used for treating hair. The Mousse has fixing and coating effects and does not depend upon the sticky resins, on the quaternary polymers to energize the hair at every application. It can be used on wet hair after washing the long-lasting hold and is ideal for dry hair to set them Do not rinse.

Ecological Hairspray:

It is an ecological medium that holds hairspray with Calcium Pantothenate and Golden Millet. The ecological hairspray with an versatile formula, innovative and the spray is also designed for the long-lasting hairstyles. The hairspray is quite suitable for the drying techniques and creates particular movement and volumes. The quick-drying residue will leave the hair soft, natural-looking and shiny and extremely delicate perfume.

These are some of the Sanotint hair care products that can help you in making your hair perfect, shiny and long-lasting for the hair.