Leadership Essentials and Core Values Every Fresh Graduate Must Have

Leadership Essentials and Core Values Every Fresh Graduate

Are you the one who takes command with a firm leadership style? No. Okay, no problem, and do not worry. Not every fresh graduate has leadership essentials and core values of it. Leadership is not a quality that every new graduate can possess. It is a quality that graduates earn through their remarkable skills. 

If you ask ten people to define leadership, all ten definitions will differ. It happens because leadership is a unique blend of personal abilities. It is highly likely that other people do not possess those traits. Therefore, the definition of a leader changes with the person; however, the leadership essentials and core values remain the same. Thus, the epicentre of today’s topic is to discuss those essentials and values. Let’s start our discussion with why values matter to fresh graduate leaders. 

5 Reasons Why Values Matter To Leaders

Values are one of the most under-discussed topics of humans. One reason behind this is that it is a bit more personal topic. Every person possesses some values, and they vary a lot. These values shape the leaders as they do not change. It is why they matter a lot to leaders than leadership essentials. Leadership essentials can also be learnt later, but values stay the same. The values become valuable when leaders understand their significance. Thus, a brief description of the top five reasons for this much importance of values is as follows as shared by The Academic Papers UK

Guide decisions 

As a leader, you have to make decisions. Many forces affect your decision-making power, and values are one of those. Your values guide your decisions and impact them a lot. It does not happen to you only, but everyone faces this situation. Decisions, big or small, can be made with ease by utilising your values. You need to run your decision-making process against the scheme of your values. First, consciously understand the problem and then decide.  

Strengthen your ability to influence 

When you speak with your values, the conversation becomes more passionate. The values attach you to your real passion, and the voice comes from there. When leaders talk with passion and from the depth of their hearts, the audience listens to them. Everyone can read a scripted speech, but when leaders speak, they speak from their values. You can observe it in every line of their speech. Thus, values are one of the leadership essentials, and they strengthen your ability to influence. 

Create clarity

Clarity is what a leader requires in his life and leadership. The values provide you with this clarity. It helps you focus and be more productive. One of the quickest ways to get clarity in life is first to be clear on your values. Clear values can shape your leadership style much more than any other thing. 

Reduce stress

It is hardly possible that a leader wishes for stress in his life. As a leader, the pressure should not surround you. It is very important because if you feel stressed, your audience will lose interest. They will also get stressed because of you. There will be less stress if you are clear about your goals, your communication is very fast and you can make accurate decisions. 

Guide your actions 

The last reason regarding values that matter to leaders is that they guide your actions. Knowing and understanding your values is one thing and practising and behaving like your values is another thing. This reason is the most practical of all the above-discussed reasons. The values of a leader surely guide the actions. 

What are the essential skills for effective leadership?

Leadership essentials are necessary to make effective decisions. After discussing the role of values, let’s discuss the essential skills that every leader should possess. Without the skills mentioned below, no leader can be effective. So, let’s have a look on them below; 


Communication skills are the most important skills that every leader must possess. Effective leadership depends very much on effective communication of the tasks and roles. A leader must delegate the tasks effectively to avoid any misconceptions and misunderstandings. 

Leaders must master all forms of communication. It includes one-on-one, departmental and full staff conversations. All these types follow different styles of communication. Therefore, communication holds immense importance in leadership essentials. 


Leaders are not ordinary people. They are influencers who influence a large number of people based on their actions and doings. Leaders need to inspire their subordinate workers to go the extra mile for their organisation. It can happen if the leader is also motivated. Motivation is one of the top leadership essentials that asks the leaders to be vigilant and active every time. 

Leaders must also know what motivation tactics work the best for their subordinates. These could be an increment in the salary or a small treat. 



As a leader, you have to make a number of decisions. Sometimes, the decisions can be simple enough to have a clear answer. But in most cases, the problems are very complex. You have to think out of the box and employ all of your leadership essentials to get to the answer. Thus, along with other things, the leader must also be creative. 


At times the employees can be down due to some reasons. In such circumstances, the leader must stand up and spread positivity. The skill of thinking and acting positively is very helpful for leaders. You should smile even if the employee has ruined the provided task. This helps in creating a happy and healthy environment at the workplace. 


Giving feedback to good performers is also a skill that leaders have to master. It is in human nature that people get jealous of others’ success. The leaders must not act this way; instead, they should reach out to the good performers with positive feedback. Leaders must appreciate the good workers. 


Every leader must act as a leader, not like an ordinary person. The above-mentioned leadership essentials must be present in every leader. Without these skills, no leader can be called a successful leader. 



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