Maintaining Air Conditioner

Maintaining Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner will not be used for a long period of time, dry the air conditioner to maintain it in the best condition.

First, dry the air conditioner thoroughly by operating in Fan mode for 2-3 hours and disconnect the power plug. There could also be internal damage if moisture is left in components.

Secondly, dry the inner components of the air conditioner again by running in Fan mode for 2-3 hours before using air conditioner again. This helps remove odors that may have generated from dampness.

You should make periodical checks to maintain the air conditioner properly. The indoor unit consists of the air filter, condensate drain pan, heat exchanger, condensate drain pipe and remote control. You should clean all the components once a year except the air filter that should be cleaned every month.

The outdoor unit has the heat exchanger on the outside of the unit that should be cleaned every 4 months; the electric components should be cleaned with jets of air once a year. Verify that all the electric components are firmly tightened once a year. The fan is to be cleaned once a year also.

These checks and maintenance operations are essential to ensure the efficiency of the air conditioning. The frequency of these operations varies according to the characteristics of the area, the amount of dust, and some other conditions. If the area of installation is very dusty, the described operations should be performed more frequently. It is important to know that these operations are recommended to be performed by qualified personnel.

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Cleaning and Maintaining the Air Conditioner

It is important to clean the air conditioner regularly to make the device serve better and longer. Cleaning is also vital for human health and the quality of the air people breathe at home.

Cleaning the exterior

Wipe the surface of the unit with a slightly wet or dry cloth when needed (we recommend doing it once a week).

Warnings: Do not use such liquids as benzene, Clorox. They may damage the surface of the air conditioner and can create a risk of fire.

Cleaning the filter

When cleaning the filter, confirm to unplug the facility from the unit. No special tools are needed to clean it.

Air filter: washable foam based air cleaner captures large particles from the air. The filter is cleaned with a vacuum or by hand washing.

First, you should open the front panel. Tightly grab the front side of the front panel and lift up the panel to open. Then slightly push the panel up until the panel is hanged over the special hooks of the unit.

Secondly grab the handle and lift up, pull the air filter towards you and slide it down.

Then clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. If dust is just too heavy, then rinse it with running water and dry it during a ventilated area.

For the best results, repeat every two weeks. If the air cleaner dries during a confined or humid area, odors may generate. If it occurs, reclean and dry it in a well-ventilated area.

Insert the air filter back in its original position and close the front panel.