Hairs unlike a watch or suit is a style statement that no one wants to slip off. It means it is worth ensuring whether you are looking one colour or another you need to know the one that suits your personality.

Hair dyes are undoubtedly one way to dye your hairs at its best and you can help yourself with many brands in the industry. Having the right colour can also bring a lot of difference to your personality. There are many types of dyes that are available in the market some are synthetic while others are natural.

Lets know about dyes and you should use one of them or not?

To start with you need to know that if you have dry hairs then using a product based out of plants can help. Traditional hair colors used to have ammonia, para toluenediamine (PTD) and paraphenylenediamine (PPD). It can raise the PH level of your hairs beyond average and ammonia can damage the condition of your hairs.

The traditional hair dyes can degrade the hair protein while wicking away the moisture. It can help in protecting the cuticle from closing and resulting in lacklustre hairs that appears dull and may have reduced the colour retention.

Also the ammonia and resorcinol the colour pigment can be quite toxic in nature. In the past these studies are linked with the chemicals causing eye and skin irritation and in extreme cases can also cause many respiratory diseases.

Finally the PPD or paraphenylenediamine and PTD para-toluenediamine are the petroleum derivatives and are some chemicals that everyone should be afraid of. Permanent hair colours are often composed of these ingredients causing irritation to sensitive skin types.

Nowadays natural hair dyes and organic hair dyes terms are very much in fashion and people are looking forward to buying them in abundance as there are n negative reviews about them and are only plant products.Natural dye from

All about Natural dyes:

The dye with biodegradable products and are natural in nature as they are made up of plant products can help in making color for your hairs. From ages natural products are used in making natural dyes like carrot juice, beet juice, etc.

Use of lemons not only helps you in enhancing the colour but adds up in the growth of hairs too.
Chamomile tea is an active agent in making your hair dye naturally and if use once a week will keep your hairs healthy and Sage is also one of the options that can be used for colouring your hairs and covering the grey hairs.

How to ensure that your hair colour will last long?

Once you have applied the dye in your hairs, you can be worried about its colour fading. Below are the few tips to help yourself with the naturally dyed hairs:

  • Never take hot showers and you can skip hair washing whenever possible
  • Limit the usage of hot tools like curling irons, straightening irons and hairdryers
  • When you use one of the hot styling tools try applying a thermal protectant on your hairs.
  • Always use a water filter while taking the shower, it will allow you to filter the color-draining chemical like heavy metals and chlorine.