React Native App Development Company: Top 8 Reasons To Hire One Now!


The buzz around React Native for mobile and web app development has gone viral in every corner of the nation. It will not be presumptuous to state that the said framework is ruling the landscape of the tech industry vigorously. As a result, the demand to reach out to a React Native app development company has also intensified. 

If you look from the global front, you may come across many articles and blogs about React Native and this blog is no different. However, unlike others, this blog will cover all the critical aspects of hiring a React Native development company. Therefore, save your time and energy from wandering. Let’s find out why you should hire a react native app builder for your application development. 

How about a quick overview of React Native statistics first? Let’s jump! 

What React Native has to offer to Mobile App Development?

Ever since we encountered digital transformation, the mobile app usage graph has also gone upward.  

The latest data reveal that more than two-thirds of the world’s population now uses a mobile phone, which translates to 6.64 Billion smartphone users. Furthermore, it is expected that this ratio of mobile device users will increase to 7.516 Billion by the end of 2026. Look at the below graph to get a closer look at the stats. 

Such gigantic numbers enchant a major impact and importance on mobile apps from a global point of view. 

Therefore, building a mobile app for your business has become a necessity. Not only does it offers exceptional turnarounds to your business but it also scales up the convenience and authenticity for users. 

It is pretty obvious that for getting started with the app development process you must connect with a React Native app development company that seamlessly understands the goals and needs of your app project. 

But do you want to build an Android app or an iOS app? That’s the first question that we are going to cover below. 

Which Platform Should You Choose for your Mobile App?

Currently, there are two most dominating platforms in demand in the mobile app industry: iOS & Android. Both devices have a larger user base and an equal share of fan following. Of course, being an entrepreneur you have the power to choose between the two or develop two different apps for iOS and Android. 

Although this seems a viable option, it can turn out to be time-consuming and costly as you have to integrate two coding languages alongside the effort of building one app for two separate devices requires too much repetition of work from the developer’s front. 

So, what to do to save time and resources? Enter– React Native app development. What is React Native? Let’s read below! 

What is React Native Development?

Introduced in 2015 by Facebook, React Native is a JavaScript framework that is used for building cross-platform mobile app development. Specifically speaking, cross-platform refers to the procedure of building apps for mobile, web, and desktop applications seamlessly. 

Therefore, React Native can create apps that are compatible to run on both iOS and Android versions simultaneously without the need for dwelling on expensive investments. This has majorly inclined businesses to choose React Native in their mobile app development projects. 

React Native development avails many possible advantages that can lead a business to various dimensions and verticals in growth scale and ROI. 

Although this, you might still come across a lot of critical questions related to React Native and how can it help you develop a mobile app or what is the future scope of React Native in the mobile app industry. Don’t worry, being the top React Native app development company ourselves, we also encounter such questions quite frequently. Therefore, to answer them all here are some basic questions to look into that hopefully will clear all your doubts regarding mobile app development using React Native.

1. How can React Native app development save time and money?

While you might think about how can a framework build 2 platforms at the same time and also requires less time and money. It is true! 

React Native for app development allows businesses to invest less time and money when developing two native apps for iOS & Android. 

What are native apps? Well, they are platforms specifically used to build a single platform such as iOS or Android. Native apps use Objective C and Swift for iOS and Java for Android. This directly adds up to the costs as you may have to hire two different mobile app developers’ teams. 

Although hiring a React Native development service-providing company, you can avoid such unwanted expenses as it requires only one code-base to deploy the entire app and also saves valuable time for a developer. 

And this is how a React Native app development company can be an effective solution to all your app development problems. That is why you should use React Native for mobile development. 

2. Why not a hybrid app instead of React Native mobile app?

Hybrid apps indeed have a better user experience. They are web apps that are developed using web technologies which are later wrapped into a native app via various platforms. 

Even though hybrid apps can easily be installed from the App store, at the core, they are merely Web apps. Hybrid app development is completely different from conventional Android and iOS app creation.

However, it’s noteworthy to note that just one set of scripts is needed for both hybrid mobile app creation and react native app development. Additionally, these programs need to be slightly updated to support both Platforms.

Thus, saving time and money in the process. 

But then why React Native over Hybrid apps? The main cause for React Native’s popularity is it gives a supreme user experience and user interface which hybrid apps lag. 

They have a web app’s appearance and feel rather than a mobile app’s, which has an impact on UX and performance.

However, if you use React Native to create apps,

Your Users won’t be annoyed by characteristics like shoddy scrolling or challenging navigation that they would have otherwise faced in a hybrid app.

Therefore, react native apps are NOT hybrid apps. React Native development of iOS and Android apps is in no way comparable to hybrid app development.

In actuality, mobile apps developed using React Native have a native-app-like appearance and behavior.

Therefore, we always advise choosing to react native app development over hybrid mobile app development for you and our clients.

3. How popular is React Native among the other cross-platform frameworks?

With a 38% market share, React Native is the second-most popular cross-platform framework for creating mobile apps. Even in 2022, React Native is still a preferred option.

If you’ve used the official Facebook app on iOS or Android, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed React Native in action. In actuality, React Native is gaining popularity as a practical method for creating cross-platform mobile apps without going over budget.

The numbers are much more interesting when you look at the top applications that are now offered in the Google Play Store and App Store. React Native was used to producing 14.85 percent of the top 500 installed applications in the US, according to statistics.

4. What are some of the popular apps made using React Native?

We take great delight in the fact that some of the most famous apps have been created utilizing React native as a React Native app development company.

Additionally, they have done well and performed well!

Which Companies Use React Native for Their Apps? is a question we get a lot.

And MANY is the response!

The number of businesses employing React native is enormous, ranging from tiny startups to large corporations.

5. Is React Native free to use?

Yes. The use of it is free. A platform built with React Native is open source. This indicates that a company that develops native apps for React may utilize all of its features and functions without having to pay a single cent.

In the end, React Native-built mobile apps are therefore naturally thought of as being less expensive!

6. Is React Native app development more efficient?

The answer is a BIG YES! Here is why this framework is considered to be more efficient than native iOS & Android development:

  • React Native is an extension of ReactJS: 

Unlike native apps, React Native facilitates mobile app development instead of web apps. It is one of the most frequently used platforms due to its various in-house features and functionalities. 

And since React Native is based on ReactJS ideas and parameters, it is understandable that the procedure of using React Native for mobile application development will be more efficient than traditional native app development.

Here a React Native application builder company helps businesses in building their app by using the tools and elements of the ReactJS library. Moreover, offering a practical and simpler user experience in app development. 

One of the best examples of React Native tools is Hot Reloading. Developers can seamlessly integrate or make changes in the code while also visualizing the changes in the source code side by side which native apps cannot. 

Such facilities increase the compatibility of an app making it easier for React Native development companies to simply add or subtract new features alongside fixing bugs or loopholes more efficiently. 

7. Is it easier to maintain a React Native app post its launch?

Your app is up and running but is it enough? Of course not! Launching an application is okay but maintaining the overall functioning of the app is a critical aspect of any app’s success in the marketplace. 

Even after knowing its importance, many businesses tend to avoid or sideline the app maintenance parameters. Take our advice and take full support from your react native app development company post the app launch as well. 

As it helps in analyzing and monitoring the performance of the app and also builds empowering relationships with users as your application may not face any issue that forces them to change their preferences. 

And there is no better to maintain and support your app than to create it with React Native app development services. 

8. Can a React Native development company deliver 100% quality apps?

Midst the popularity and successful React Native’s performance, the answer to this question is yes and no! 

Nevertheless, React Native has a huge developer community, and the fact that Facebook keeps on upgrading and releasing the latest versions of React Native, there is a part where even the framework lags and that’s delivering 100% quality in a mobile application. 

It takes a group of developers and a lot of work to create a top-notch, high-quality app.

Additionally, it is advised that you work with a company that has experience developing native apps using traditional programming languages.

Such an advancement Businesses may compare the native app they are producing with the React native app they are developing.

And if necessary, modify or improve the React native App’s appearance. Hire a team of skilled engineers with a solid native background in languages like SWIFT, Objective C, Java, and others.

At DianApps, we assure you a full-fledged development team who takes care of overall aspects of your react native app process for instance:

  • UI/UX
  • Code quality
  • App testing
  • App performance 
  • Post-launch support & maintenance
  • Customer support 

You will end up with a Great Mobile App in your hands if you work with the Right Technology Partner who offers react native App development services.

And when we say “Right,” we don’t just mean the top native-reacting businesses. Instead, seek a react native mobile app development company that is the ideal match for the needs of your project and work with them to turn your react native app ideas into the kind of finished, high-quality product you want. 

Over to You

The mobile app market is dominated by iOS and Android.

Cross-platform frameworks have grown in popularity as they make it easier to design apps simultaneously for both platforms.

React Native has managed to gain the most popular out of all of these Frameworks, and it appears that it will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

Like any other organization that develops react native apps, React Native is something you should think about, in our opinion at DianApps, if you want to grow your business through a mobile app.

And if you’re an entrepreneur hoping for cost-effective, quick app development, React Native is your ticket to success!

Fill out the form on your right if you’re seeking top React Native mobile app development companies or if you need any help creating mobile apps with React Native. We are happy to assist you with our services.

I hope that this blog has been a help in resolving your uncertainties and providing answers to your React Native-related queries.

Please let us know about it in the comments area if not or if I have missed something.


1. How much does it cost to develop a React Native app?

It depends as there is no sure-shot answer to this question. The total cost of the React Native app development depends on various factors like the functionalities you are implementing, the kind of resource you are hiring, and the engagement model you choose to develop your digital product. To be more precise, the more complex features and functionalities you plan to implement, the more time React Native app developers will be required to develop them.

2. How is DianApps the best choice for my React Native app development project?

If you are in search of the best and most cost-effective React Native app developers, then connect with DianApps – the reliable React Native app development company with a proven history and work portfolio.

3. Is React Native the future of mobile app development?

With quick changes in app entrepreneurs’ demands, it is safe to say that cross-platform development frameworks like React Native app development will be extremely in demand in the near future. React Native has effectively earned massive popularity because of its benefits like shorter development process, native-like performance, etc.

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