Right way to use Sanotint Hair color


Undoubtedly the Sanotint hair colour is one of the best hair colour providers for people looking for a feasible option for coloring their hair. It is the permanent solution for colouring hair with a chemical free dye. Sanotint is said to bring a complete range of permanent hair color lines inclusive of 42 shades of hair colour for the users. If you are looking for grey hair coverage.

If you are looking for a lighter shade the Sanotint hair colour offers a perfect alternative for the same. WIth the help of a Lightning kit you can customize the hair colours for the shade for your choices. Now simply mix the lightening kit for any of the Sanotint natural permanent hair dye colour and you will receive upto 2 shades lighter. 

Before laying our hands on Sanotint Hair colour, we should know how to use it correctly:

  • Always apply with the help of gloves
  • Mix in equal portions, the cream pigment present in the tube along with the emulsion and now mix well.
  • Try applying the mixture on your dry hair with the help of a brush from the hair roots.
  • Now divide your hair strand by strand.
  • In your first application, try distributing the hair with the help of the mixture.
  • From the time you have completed its application for the tint, allow it to set for about 30 minutes.
  • If you are having a lot of grey hair then you can leave it longer than 50 minutes too.
  • In case you want to get your hair roots retouched then allow it to set for about 20 minutes and then help in distributing the remaining mixture on the hair and then leave it for another 20 minutes.
  • By the end rinse thoroughly especially till the time you can see clear water.
  • Now apply shampoo and also wash with care.

You can also try a good quantity of Sanotint Conditioner on your hair and then rinse them thoroughly. Now dry your hair with a blowdryer.

Isn’t it easy to use, but if you try the Sanotint hair dye properly it leaves a long term effect especially if you are using it with Sanotint shampoo and conditioner. The best part is there is no danger of getting yourself through harmful chemicals as the dye is free from them. You just need to look at Sanotint hair dye and here you are in the midst of amazing hair dye colours to buy out.

The dye is available online as well as offline and you can buy them with easy methods of payment. They have a long list of skin and hair care products to look for taking care of the body and you can look for the best ones as per your skin and hair suitability.

Always apply chemical free products and no one is best in the field other than Sanotint. Give yourself the best shot of Sanotint and have the best skin and hair for yourself.



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