Sanotint Hair Care – A modern revolution for natural care treatment


It is very important nowadays to treat your hair with natural care. In the modern days its a kind of revolution when people depend upon chemicals to help them out with easy solutions, they are handling well with the natural treatments as they do not have any side effects. Also they help people in getting their natural beauty back while rejuvenating and repairing their hair too.

The natural hair care treatment with Sanotint hair care is one of the best as it allows you to help yourself with the best of the natural ingredients available in the market. Lets know more about Sanotint hair care products:

Sanotint Colour care conditioner:

The product comes with a bamboo extract and is also best for keeping your hair bright and lively between the colouring sessions. It nourishes and protects upit hair and makes it easy to comb after every wash. The conditioner also has a raspberry fragrances while restoring, protecting and strengthening the hair natural beauty. Added sun filter makes it perfect for removing dryness and harsh sunlight while moving out.

For all types of hair, for the coloured ones, it is perfect for making the colour bright and vivid. Improves the combing and also provides nourishment. The product is free from alcohol and paraben

Sanotint cleansing oil:

The Oil is filled with coconut oil and allows the user to wash their hair gently without causing any issue to the fibers. The Golden Millet present in the cleansing oil makes the hair easier and stronger to manage. It is one of the advanced products for washing bleached, brittle or dyed hair on a regular basis. It can be used for babies and is best for blonde and fine hair. It is formulated and does not cause irritation or lather. 

Sanotint Silk Masque:

It is a type of treatment for bringing incredible results for shiny, less breakage and easy to manage from brushing. It consists of smoothing against protecting and nourishing the hair without weighing them down. The silk masque creates a covering of hair fibre for protecting the split ends. Hair will be protected and nourished by a special film from humidity and pollution. The conditioning is quite intense and leaves the hair silky, soft and glossy.

Sanotint Hair styling Mousse:

Consisting of Ginkgo Biloba and Millet extracts, it is great for treating the hair. The mousse is seen to have the fixing and coating effects and does not use any sticky resigns but allows the ingredients that can energize the hair after every application. The mousses can be applied on the wet hair after rinsing for long-lasting hold and is best for dry hair. The product should not be kept in sunlight and should never be exposed to harsh temperatures.

Sanotint Ecological Hairspray:

The hairspray consists of Calcium Pantothenate and Golden Millet. It is applicable for all hair types. The spray is also designed for medium hair lengths. It is best for all kinds of drying techniques and for creating a particular movement and volumes. The quick drying without any residue will allow your hair to be natural-looking, shiny and soft. 


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