Top 10 Resume Writing Services Providers In India

Resume Writing Services

Writing a professional resume can be tougher than you think. A few decades ago, making a simple resume that can give a brief introduction about you was enough. But time has turned its sides. 

We are living in the technology era. Each industry is using different technologies to improve the effectiveness of the industry. Hence they only want candidates who can bring profit to them. 

That’s why HRs are now strict over the job applications. You may face rejection even having job experience. If you are a fresher then chances are higher. 

Hiring a professional resume writing service is a smart move you can take to avoid this. Here is a list of the top ten resume writing services in India that you can contact. 


Writrox is a one-stop solution for your resume writing requirements. Writrox has its head office in Noida. However, it provides its services all over India and also in foreign countries. 

Writrox has a team of writing experts. They know the requirements of every industry and the demands of HR. Writrox has been giving its services for more than 7 years now. In these 7 years, the resume writing service provider has already made a community of 10000+ customers. 

Writrox offers you a variety of resumes according to your needs. The Writrox team is an expert in creating and writing international-level resumes for you. 

Writrox has a 4.9 rating on Google. Its price ranges from 1500-7000 INR, which is very affordable for anyone. 


Writrox provides a one to one service for its clients. You will have direct contact with the writer. Before the final edit, you can edit your draft for unlimited time. Even after finalising the draft, Writrox offers you minor editing for the next 6 months. 


The website of Writrox lacks information about its writers. Although they are experts, these small things may become suspicious for clients. 

Get Set Resume:

The Get Set Resume is one of the best resume writing services provided in India. Get Set Resume holds your hands until you get your job. This company has been working since 2011 and successfully handled more than 250000 clients. It also provides its services globally. 

Get Set Resume is fast in delivering your content. It usually takes 5-8 business days to finalise your resume. Their charges for creating resumes are 1999-5199 INR. 


Get Set resume gives you unlimited editing offers. After the final draft, you can ask for minor editing for a time period of 6 months. 


The official websites lack much important information. 

Avon Resumes:

Avon Resumes is one of the oldest resume writing services in India. It has been giving its services for more than 19 years. The company has many professional resume writers and career coaches as its team members. 

Avon Resumes takes 3-5 business days to deliver your demand. According to the package you choose, they will charge you between 2999-11999 INR. 


The company understands your needs. It associates you with a writer who is specialised in your industry. You can also see hundreds of samples on their website. 


As per the Indian market, Avon Resume is one of the most costly resume writing services. 


Mentorrd is a place that helps students to get their first job in a reputed organisation. Mentorrd highly focuses on the presentation of your skills and your personality. Mentorrd offers all types of resumes for you. However, they specialise in MBA and corporate executive resumes. Mentorrd can cost you more than other organisations. Its price range is between 3490-12490 INR. 

Mentorrd has 4.9 ratings at Google reviews. 


The company offers you three different consultants in three different stages. 


Mentorrd is one of the highest-priced resume writing services in India. Also, they don’t offer you any interview guarantee. 

Uppercase Resume:

Yasmin Siddiqui has founded Uppercase Resume in 2019. Nothing to say that it is a newbie in the market. Upper Resume is a US-based company. All the writers are from the US only. 

As they are new in the field, we can’t say that they are experts but you can expect a good quality resume from them. The company offers its best services for Indian students and employees. 

They charge between 7999-11999 INR for one resume. The final draft will be given to you within 3 working days only. You can choose the sample resume they offer and can make different resumes for 90 days. 


They offer quality work from the US. You will get all your major and minor details in your resume as per your demand. Many sample resumes are already on the website for your help. 


For any type of requirement, you need to talk to a consultant. 

Write Right:

Write Right is a perfect place to get your resume done. Their resumes always stand out in the market. Bhavik Sarkhedi who is the founder of the Write Right has the intent to help new freshers to land their dream job. 

They create a professional resume that can pass through every inspection. Visual resumes and professional resumes are their expertise. 


Write Right offers you keywords optimised and ATS-friendly resumes. The company makes sure that you get your product done as soon as possible. 


The Write Right website does not show a proper description of their prices and details of their writers. 

Make My Resume:

Make My Resume is one of the oldest companies in the resume writing service in India. No need to say that they have served internationally in more than 30 countries. 

They offer an extraordinary team of writers who have years of experience in this field. You will get world-class resumes from Make My Resume. Currently, they are active in many metropolitan cities in India. 

Their services start from 1199 INR only. 


As Make My Resume is an experienced company, you can expect no errors in their services. They are fast in delivering your product. 


You can not see any writer details on the official website of Make My Resume. 

CV Designer:  

Being an insider of the industry for more than 15 years, a CV designer company knows very well what HRs want to see in your resume. This resume writing service in India is indeed worth keeping in the top 10 list. 

The company’s prices are high. However, they give you a proper technical resume as per your requirement. They also offer you Linkedin profiles, CVs, and cover letters as their services. They also offer you 12 months of free support to their clients. 

You can buy their services for 8000-10000 INR. 


CV Designer passes your resume in four stages. This makes a more accurate resume for your job search. 


The prices of their services are higher than many others in the field. 

Resume Master:

Resume Master has been in this industry for more than 9 years now. Their headquarters is located in Coimbatore. Due to their quick and effective services, they have emerged as a great alternative to resume writing services in India. 

They take 4-5 business days to deliver your resume. They take a minimal amount for their services. The price starts from 499 INR only. 

Resume Master is a good platform for freshers. 


The company offers a 30 day editing period to you. At this time, you can make unlimited editing in your resume.  


Their services do not offer you visual and graphic resumes. 


Excel CV is a Delhi-based resume writing service. This company offers you professional ATS-friendly resumes. These resumes are attractive and effective that catch the attention of employers.

The company assigns you an experienced writer for your work specifically. They take 2-5 days to complete your resume. However, as a fresher, it may be costly. The price of an Excel CV starts from 4999 INR. 


You will get your final draft very quickly. As the company assigns you a special writer, you will get your resume very soon. 


The website of the company doesn’t say a word about its writers. The high prices may affect a fresher. 


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