Types of Beard Styles – Find Your Type and Wear It Proudly


A modern and stylish beard makes men look not only more masculine but rude. And that according to the type of face, style and taste of each person, one is more suitable than the other. So, see here below some best types of beard styles to look good.

For many women, beards are synonymous with being sexy. And it is that a modern and stylish beard makes men look not only more masculine but rude. However, we should keep in mind that there are different classes. And that according to the type of face, style and taste of each person, one is more suitable than the other. So, see here below some best types of beard styles to look good.

Ducktail Beard Style:

Ducktail beard style is another version of a full beard. As in the case of the French thorn beard, it takes its name from its appearance. Looking at this beard, you can easily see that at the bottom, where the chin is, it looks like a ducktail. Many men consider this style to be a perfect combination between the attractive feature of bearding and the sophistication of a well-groomed look.


Anchor Beard Style:

This type of beard, as one has to imagine, is named for the sea anchor and, therefore, the common form of this one seems to be the same. To achieve this look, the man needs to have a face without sideburns. But you must have a beard that extends along the jawline. And that’s when the point is designed. It should be attached to a pencil mustache so that the overall shape looks like an anchor.


Royal Beard Style:

The royal essence is not in a beard, but rather a long mustache that extends over the entire face. It can be elongated and pointed with a thin knob, but it is not mandatory. It was there that the royal took the name instead of the old royal. In this style, the mustache is attached to the hair which grows on the cheeks and the tips point upwards. The chin and sideburns are left open for the center of royal attention.

Balbo Beard Style:

There are also several types of this type of beard, but the main one is that the caped chin is paired with a long mustache that must be cut off from it. The mustache may or may not curl as it depends on the taste of the person. This beard style is ideal for those who have a slightly eccentric personality. To achieve this style it is necessary that the mustache is allowed to grow and a slight bead attached to the lower lip is engraved.

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French Thorn Beard Style:

This type of beard has a slightly odd name but is known by its shape. This is a very distinctive style. It is considered a type of long beard, but its characteristic is that the hair grows beyond the chin and because it is divided into two equal segments. The term fork is used because the original French fork had only two teeth. This is not a new genre, but in recent years it became popular for the famous character in the film Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp.
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Circular Beard Style:

This is an ideal style for men who want to wear a beard, but who want to look neat. While for some men, a full or long beard may look wild, very rough, or careless, but a rounded beard still allows you to keep facial hair. It is acceptable as long as its round shape remains and the hair is short. Perfectly works for men with jaws and square faces.
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Bandholz Beard Style:

This is a recent style of beard, as it has been popularized by a man who, along with his company Beardbrand, has practically created a beard and mustache care products industry. This is Eric Bandholz, the founder of the now famous brand of products. Patience is required to achieve this form, as it will look erratic and neglected during the first months. It is important to wait because you must let the beard grow naturally until it reaches its maximum length.
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Van Dyke Beard Style:

Van Dyke Beard’s explanation is simple. It is a goat combined with a mustache. This being the case, it is also a change of extended dives. It was called Van Dyke because it was a style used by the seventeenth-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. However, it has experienced a new popularity in recent years. In this way, shaving means that the rest of the cheeks are completely smooth and free of facial hair. It should be very defined to make such a beard look better.
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Dutch Beard Style:

Dutch beard is a classic style of the old school. It is a heavy and long beard attached to one side. This look has been used by “Amish”, but its main feature is that it is a beard that does not have a mustache. This style of beard is usually reserved for those who like to stand out. With this look, one wants to be the most hydrometer of hipsters.



If you are a reliable person, you will notice in your beard, but if you are masculine, safe, modern, classic, rebellious, or formal, you will also notice. It is for this reason that wearing this look requires both care and customization. You can try out these beard styles to look good.