5 Types of Wedding Shoe Heel to match your styles


The search for the ideal pair of shoes to wear on the bride’s wedding day is at the very top of the list of essential accessories for the big day. Only the dress itself is more important for a bride’s big day than her shoes when it comes to fashion, comfort, and overall appearance. And much like wedding dresses, there are a lot of different possibilities out there depending on your unique taste. If you’re getting married soon, one of the questions that may have crossed your mind is what kind of heel you should wear on your wedding day.

It is evident why so much effort goes into the choosing of wedding shoes given that they are typically the focal point of the look you wear on your wedding day, help bring your entire bridal look together, and need to be able to withstand a night of dancing and mingling with guests. When faced with this situation, some people will grab for a pair of skyscraper stilettos, while others will opt for a pair of block heels instead.

For the purpose of assisting you in making an informed decision and locating the footwear that is most suited to your needs, you can have a look below at the various types of bridal heels that are currently in high demand as well as the factors that should be taken into account when shopping for this item of clothing.

1. Spool Heels:

Spool heels may have pointy toes, but the wearer will find that they are actually rather comfortable. The broader soles, backs, and narrower bridge portions of this pair of shoes make them perfect for wearing for extended periods of time. These gorgeous spool heels are the perfect option for giving wider feet the appearance of being more delicate. The easiest approach to accessorize them with wedding dresses is to wear tea-length wedding dresses, wedding dresses with trumpet skirts, midi wedding dresses in the A-line design, and other styles with mini and midi lengths.

2. Strap heels:

Strap heels are a timeless design that can be worn everywhere, from special occasions to long working days. They might be the most elegant and refined pair of bridal heels out of all the others. Strap heels are simple and unflashy, but they offer a lot of breathing room for the feet, superb balance (thanks to the locking straps), and perfect comfort, allowing the bride-to-be to be lively without feeling any pain. If you are wearing a wedding dress that was handed down to you or if you went vintage wedding dress shopping and found the ideal one, strap shoes are a great option for you!

3. Peep Toe Heels:

Take advantage of your Cinderella moment and let the cameras focus on your feet since such embellished peep toes will certainly become the talk of the party in no time. Allow the cameras to focus on your feet as you experience your Cinderella moment. Search for a person who is adept at intricately embellishing peep-toes and who can do it in keeping with the design and style of the wedding dresses that you have chosen. The bridal gowns will appear effortlessly stylish when worn with the bespoke footwear, and you will be able to purchase a one-of-a-kind pair for yourself in this way.

It’s a terrific opportunity to show off your sense of style by wearing embellished peep toes with elegant A-line wedding dresses, dramatic mermaid wedding dresses, or eye-catching ball gowns.

4. Block Heel Wedding Shoes:

One of the most comfortable heel options for brides is the block heel, which gets its name from the larger diameter of its heels. Block heels wedding shoe are also one of the most terrain-friendly. In addition to offering extra stability due to the width of the heel, they are also easy to wear and are good in outdoor settings..

The wider heel makes walking and dancing easier and more comfortable, and because they are so popular, you can find a wide range of styles from basic to ultra-glam.

5. Platform Wedding Shoes:

The main feature that sets platform heels apart from other types of heels is the thick soul that rests under the ball of the toe. Platform heels can range from modest to sky-high in height and from pencil-thin to thick in width. Choosing a good platform heel over a pair of stilettos is one of the finest ways to gain height on your wedding day without the anguish of a stiletto.The pitch (the amount to which the shoe is tilted from back to front) is less than it would be if it went all the way to the ground since the toe of the shoe is also lifted.

Brides who are seeking an alternative that combines comfort and height favor this option. Walking on grass, sand, or brick is more difficult the more pencil-like the heel. As a result, depending on the heel’s thickness, you should think carefully about the location you select.

Several Valuable Shopping Tips

It’s crucial that you look stunning on your wedding day while also being true to your personality. No matter what kind of bridal heel you select to wear, this is true. But before you decide on a pair, here are a few additional shopping advice from Sabatino to help you get the ideal look for walking down the aisle.

Consider how your feet respond when you wear heels. Some people seldom wear heels, yet others look beautiful while constantly wearing stilettos. You should start by thinking about the many styles of shoes you already own in your wardrobe and utilizing it as a starting point when selecting your wedding footwear.

Put your convenience first:

Although it may be tempting to purchase a pair of heels with the highest possible heel, it’s important to select a pair of shoes that you can actually wear. Purchase a practice pair that you can walk in as much as possible if you must wear a style that you are not accustomed to.

Give those sneakers some use:

Regardless of the type of shoe you choose, the breaking-in process is crucial since it prevents blisters and sore toes while also allowing you to determine whether or not they are the best pair for you to wear on the dance floor.

Please tell your seamstress of any modifications to your shoes:

You should inform the seamstress if you want to wear flats over heels on the wedding day. They can help you make sure your hemline is suitable for both shoe options, which will help you avoid the chance of tripping over an excessively long skirt at the reception.

You shouldn’t be reluctant to dispense with heels:

If you don’t think heels fit your own style or if you want to make sure you’re comfortable the entire evening, it’s perfectly acceptable to give up the thought of wearing heels. On your wedding day, you don’t have to wear painful shoes because there is a large selection of footwear available, from flats and sandals to boots and sneakers.


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