5 Ways to Style Your Curls for Graduation

Deep curly hair extensions for a gorgeous and natural look
Deep curly hair extensions for a gorgeous and natural look

Graduation is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An entire day filled with gratitude, happiness and celebration among all. It is a special event, which commemorates the successful completion of an individual’s school life and the fulfilment of every parent’s aspiration.   On a day like this, there is a lot of pressure for the students. Everybody is restless, nostalgic and reluctant to admit that the day has come at last.

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Behind the scenes of every awarding ceremony, each student partakes in immense preparation. For weeks on ends, everyone is busy with finding the perfect attire and shoes to match. On top of that, all things need to be set for an unforgettable time. So, the only thing missing here is a stunning hairstyle to go with your outfit. Fortunately, for women with straight hair, there are so many quick and easy hairstyles to choose from, whereas for people like you and me with curly hair, our graduation might have a slight hitch. If it were any other event, we would definitely slay with those natural curls, but sadly on that day, we have to wear celebratory hats.  Unlike any other hats, this one, in particular, does not work well with our curls.  It is not hard enough to keep the curls tame and neither is it big enough to cover the entire forehead. This dreadful hat could potentially ruin your entire look if you do not improvise.

Therefore, my dearest curly-haired fellow, do not be let down by your gorgeous Hair, instead keep reading this blog because I found my solution to fix the issue and I am sharing it with you!

From one curly sister to the other, quit stressing over this small matter and enjoy the graduation day with your loved ones!

  1. Double Front braids
Double Front braids
Double Front braids

First one on the list is the double front braids. Style your curls like this and you will not have to hide it, just to secure the celebratory hat on your head. Your curls are your own, it is a natural gift, and there is no reason to compromise those wonderful ringlets over a hindrance like this. Since you have tried your best to look for a solution, here you are on this page. I have got you covered, girl!

In order to style your curls for graduation you just need to braid the middle section of your hair. To begin with, the first step is to divide your hair into three equal partitions. Once you have clearly delineated the left and right partitions from the middle one, your need to secure the ends of both the partitions with a rubber band. This stops the sides from getting interwoven with the middle section. If you skip this step then your front braid won’t look the same and you don’t want that on a special day. After that, you need to divide the middle section into two equal parts.  This will be used for the front braids. Then you create 3 more divisions for the earlier two parts. Once you are done, you braid both the parts just below the center of your top head. It is better to only braid the front of it rather than plaiting it till the end. Once that is complete, the braid will keep your curls at bay and your hat will stay on properly. Finally, you let the curls loose on all sides with the hat intact nicely. Your hairstyle will surely be the talk of the town.

  1. Sleek low ponytail
Sleek low ponytail
Sleek low ponytail

The next one is a sleek low ponytail. It gives you a modern chic glam. On contrary to the braids, a slicked back hair will give you more room to work with your face.  Additionally, you can enjoy the best of two worlds, a straight slicked upper half and curly ends. By styling the top half in a straight fashion, you can enjoy the graduation day without any strays and falling strands, all the while showcasing your stunning natural curls. More importantly, on the special day, everything will be in a frenzy; you will need to be in so many places at once. When that happens, your hair needs to cooperate and stay in place. A hairstyle is the perfect guise to make unforgettable memories.

  1. Afro bob
Afro bob
Afro bob

Surprisingly, some curls are easier to tame than others. Getting an Afro bob will make the graduation hat stay on nicely, this way you won’t have to style braids or straighten the strands. Moreover, the Afro makes your strands light and puffed out which can be easily tucked under the hat. As far as curls are concerned, an Afro is the best way to ramp up your curly bob. Besides, the Afro is more of a fixed hairdo; it won’t dangle around your face as much. This hairstyle will make you look stylish and upbeat among the crowd.

  1. Half up-do

Perhaps the easiest hairstyle on the list, a half up-do can be styled by anybody. You won’t need an expert to sport this hairdo! The best thing about it, when you have an endless list of tasks for graduation day, there might not be time to go over your hairstyle. So, as a woman with curly hair, what do you do? You simply pull a few strands from the sides of your temple and twist it nicely into a half up-do. It is an elegant and unwavering style that enhances your curls even more. There won’t be a need for hair products to set this hairstyle in place. Just a touch of pretty headpieces like a laced hair tie or a dainty clip and you are set for the special day!

  1. Low bun

As for the final hairstyle on the list, a low bun. Nothing beats the good old bun.  A neat and elegant hairstyle like this is a perfect match for any graduation dress. No hassle with unruly hair strands and the hat can also stay on.  What’s even better, your naturally curly strands pull together an effortlessly chic look. A hairstyle like this will make you look like an adult ready to face new challenges!