Real Talk: Why Diva Divine Hair is Better than 1 Hair Stop

Style the way you want with Diva Divine’s human hair products

Whether you are new to hair products or hair products pro, it’s always good to be well informed. Unfortunately, most of the clients fall for the lies of hair vendors globally. If you are not well aware of the hair extensions and wigs, you may be the next victim. They will promise you one thing (high-quality) and provide you another (low-quality). Anyway, we are not here to discourage you from acquiring hair products. As genuine dependents of hair extensions and wigs, we came across many hair-related issues and have been to many hair companies in India. Diva Divine and 1 Hair Stop, the top two companies, share a fair amount of reputation, similarities, and differences in their products.

That’s why we have compared hair accessories from Diva Divine and 1 Hair Stop. The goal of this short comparison article is to make you aware of the hair extensions and wigs that you might probably purchase. With the truth, we hope that you will get the best hair accessories in India.

1.Source of Hair and their Purity

Diva Divine process hair extensions and wigs naturally
Diva Divine process hair extensions and wigs naturally

Both Diva divine hair and 1 Hair Stop collect human hair from Indian temples, but the processing method is much more advanced and natural in Diva Divine. Hair extensions, Hair Toppers, and wigs from Diva Divine are pure because the collected hair is not chemically treated or mixed with synthetic fibers. Instead, they are carefully tested, washed, and turned into one of our trademark products. When the hair arrives at the processing and distribution facility, the quality assurance process begins with thorough washing and inspection to find any flaws. Then the final products are delivered to loyal clients all over India and the world.  Diva Divine’s hair extensions are one-of-a-kind goods because they have complete control over the manufacturing process.

2.Hair Extension Types

                                                      Clip-in Hilites

1Hairstop offers various clip-in extensions, but their collection lacks flexible types of clip-in extensions. As in Diva Divine hair stores, you can get nine types of clip-in human hair extensions to fulfill different purposes. You can add thickness right on the spot where you have thinner hair or bald spots. Want hair bangs, highlights, ponytails, or volume at the back? Diva Divine has it all! Apart from that, they have a collection of clip-ins with a texture meant to suit Indian skin and hair.

Here is the list of Diva Divine’s clip-in hair extensions

  • 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight
  • LUXE 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight
  • 5-CLip Ear-To-Ear Volumizer
  • 6-Clip Fishnet: Straight
  • 4 Clip V-Shape Clip Extension
  • Tapered Clip-in Extension
  • Clip-in Hilites or Streaks
  • Bangs Or Fringes
  • Ponytail Hair Extensions

3.Human Hair Wigs

Wavy Lace Front Wig

Unfortunately, 1HairStop doesn’t have wigs. However, the good news for wig users is getting human hair wigs from Diva Divine. Their lace front wig is designed to blend in with your hair and mimic your scalp. Hand-knotted front lace makes parting and styling your hair effortless. The lace front wig, which is made entirely of human hair, greatly increases the volume and length of your hair. You can choose between wavy, straight, or curly textures. They also offer machine-made and indigo wigs. At Diva Divine hair store, you have three wig options.

4.Human Hair Toppers

Human Hair Toppers at Diva Divine to cover your thin hair

If you want to cover a specific area with balding hair or thin hair, visit the Diva Divine Hair store. They have a collection of human hair toppers. With its effortless application, their hair topper effectively covers the targeted area. It has a Swiss lace base and free parting, so you can separate your hair as you like. In addition, it comes with five clips to keep your hair in place and allow you to move around freely.

5.Hair Care Essentials

Indique Essentials French Argan Oil

Even the highest-quality hair accessories require maintenance, care, and proper styling. For that, you will need hair care essentials that are specially designed for them. To maintain your hair extensions and wig, Diva Divine Hair offers three essential hair care products – Indique Essentials Argan Oil, Indique Essentials Shampoo, and Indique Essentials Conditioner. These three products are necessary to keep your extensions and wigs moisturized, lustrous, and smooth. This is one reason why Diva Divine Hair is better than 1HairStop.

6.Styling Options

Style the way you want with Diva Divine’s human hair products

You have unlimited styling options with human hair extensions, wigs, and toppers. Since Diva Divine’s hair accessories are processed from virgin human hair, they provide you the liberty to style the way you desire. As a result, you can immediately recreate a breathtaking new hairstyle that you came across on social media. Just like your own natural hair, 100% Remy human hair extensions can be curled, straightened, blow-dried, and styled to create fantastic new hairstyles.

7.The Durability of the Extensions

Hair extensions have a lifetime determined by how much you care for them, what hair care products you use on them, and how much you wear them. Human Hair Extensions at Diva Divine last from 12 months and even up to 18 months with proper care.

8.Cost of Human Hair Extensions

Want long, thick, beautiful hair but worried about the price? Well, the cost of Diva Divine’s high-quality hair extensions is not as high as one hair Stop. Hair extension rates differ depending on the type of extension, the amount of hair needed, and the application method, but comparatively, Diva Divine’s hair extensions are much cheaper than 1 Hair Stop. It is a fortune to have human hair extensions in your closet for a strikingly affordable price!


It is all up to you to buy hair extensions and wigs at your favorite store, but we are here with information to help you choose the best amongst the best. As hair extension users for five years, we thought that we needed to share our knowledge. So, that is why we came up with a comparison article between Diva Divine Hair and 1 Hair Stop to make you understand hair accessories.


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