How Long Will a Refurbished Phone Last?


Buying a new phone can be a significant expense, especially if you need something that delivers a good performance. Most flagship devices are horribly expensive and out of people’s budgets. That’s one of the reasons why more people are buying refurbished Samsung phones in UK. These phones are reliable and don’t have any significant wear and tear despite being new. 

But there is one question most people have about these pre-owned devices and that is ‘How long will they last?’ The answer to the question is that it depends.

How Long Will a Refurbished Phone Last?

In most cases, a well-refurbished phone can last anywhere between one and three years. This largely depends on the quality of the device and where you purchase it from. A reliable seller that specializes in refurbished phones will make sure the device’s performance is up to industry standard. Defective parts are replaced, all issues are repaired, and the phone is almost as good as new. 

The battery is often the most important concern when it comes to a phone’s performance. Batteries can only be charged so many times before they start losing their charge permanently. The phone’s performance drops after a few years because the battery grows weak with time. 

Many retailers selling refurbished Samsung phones in the UK check batteries carefully to ensure they are in good working order. Because the phones are tested thoroughly, you can trust that the battery will deliver a good performance consistently for a long time. 

How to Choose a Durable Phone?

When you want to buy refurb phones, it is important to choose a reliable seller. Instead of purchasing the device from Amazon or eBay, find a seller that specializes in refurbished phones exclusively. They have different kinds of quality check processes in place that ensure your phone is of good quality and will last for a long time. Here are some tips on how to choose a good-quality durable phone:

  • Look at the Testing Process – The first thing to do is to look at the website’s testing process. Does the seller check every aspect of the device to ensure everything functions according to industry standards? Do they look at the connectivity, battery life, charging posts, buttons, and other such important elements of the device? A comprehensive testing process ensures you aren’t buying a faulty device.
  • Grading – Most refurbished phone sellers will grade their devices according to their quality. For example, some devices are Grade A, which means they have minor scratches and are gently used but look nearly brand new. Some devices are Renewed, which means they are new and were returned almost immediately after purchase. These devices go through comprehensive quality checks before they are placed in the store.
  • Warranty – Make sure the store provides some warranty when you purchase the device. Many reliable stores provide a warranty that lasts for a year or more so you don’t need to worry about expenses associated with repairs immediately after your purchase. If the device develops issues due to a manufacturing error or something similar, you can get a free repair or a device replacement.

If you keep these in mind, you will be able to get the best refurbished Samsung phones in the UK at a great price. These devices will last for a long time despite being available at a lower cost. 

How to Extend My Phone’s Lifespan?

If you buy refurb phones, it is important to treat them well. Any device will last longer if the user takes care of it and follows some guidelines to preserve the device’s performance. Here are some tips that can help you preserve your phone’s performance over the long term:

  • Mind the Charging – Bad charging habits are usually the primary cause of these devices clocking out quickly. We recommend charging your phone when it drops to around 20-25 percent. Most phones take well to overnight charging these days. Don’t let the device come to zero as that will cause unnecessary strain on the battery.
  • Handle it Carefully – Invest in a good-quality case and handle your phone carefully. The fewer bumps and bruises it endures, the fewer issues you may face. A good quality case will protect the phone from damage and it may also protect your screen from damage. 
  • Avoid Contact with Water – Many phones today come with good waterproofing protection. These devices can handle something like a light drizzle or accidental dips, but avoid contact with water as much as possible. Excessive contact with moisture can compromise the integrity of internal circuits. It can also damage your charging and headphone ports. 

If you keep these factors in mind, it will be easier to extend your phone’s lifespan. Careful use ensures that you save even more money. You will only need to buy refurb phones once in two or three years. 


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