Why Animated Emoji Are Dominating The World Of Digital Marketing ?

Why Animated Emoji Are Dominating The World Of Digital Marketing

With the advent of digital technology, the days when we spent our childhoods collecting sticker books and trading them with friends are largely gone.

But now that you think about it, the reason for anything’s success these days is due to digital marketing initiatives, specifically through the use of Emoji, which virtually recreate old-school nostalgia in a tech-savvy and charismatic way that lights the spark in you and anyone else with emotions.

Emoji for WhatsApp are now widely used by brands to connect digitally with their target audience. Emoji enhance the aesthetic appeal, readability, and interactivity of information, adding value.

Recent data indicates that WhatsApp and Facebook Chat are the two most widely used global mobile messenger apps based on monthly active users. With 2 billion users that access the platform, WhatsApp Messenger is a successful messaging service. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for an astounding 19 billion dollars. Real-time communication via the internet is provided through instant messaging programmes like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and the introduction of smartphones to the market has opened up the potential for mobile apps, free social messaging, and chats as a more affordable alternative. These social messaging apps provide a variety of functions, including conversations, the transmission of videos, audio files, emoticons, GIFs, and Emoji, making them ideal for use with social media.

What are Animated Emoji?

Emoji are tiny, adorable illustrations that are mostly offered for free, however, some can be purchased for a nominal cost. The idea of an “emoji” originated in Asia, and it gained popularity in 2011 thanks to a Korean-developed mobile messaging service called Line. It is now present in famous apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other ones. You’ve undoubtedly lately encountered an emoji while conversing with a friend on WhatsApp, such as a zombie or a charming, colourful emoji. Sometimes, using an animated emoji for WhatsApp is a funnier and more accurate way to convey your feelings than using mere words.

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs, are a collection of still images or moving video snippets that play continuously. Because of its small file size, it is very easy to share and beneficial for facilitating downloading and making it simpler to pass along or upload to websites, blogs, and other online communities.

Here is how animated Emoji is dominating digital marketing:

1. It express a feeling

Text messages can occasionally be so monotonous to read that they don’t always accurately express how you’re feeling at the moment and make it difficult to make your point. But as soon as you insert an emoji, the conversation between you and the recipient on WhatsApp Messenger quickly picks up.

For instance, you might send an emoji that comes very close to conveying how you feel if you want a buddy to know that you are extremely excited about something.

2. Simpler to comprehend

Statistics show that the human brain analyzes images 60,000 times more quickly than text and that 90% of information delivered to the brain is in the form of images. It can be much easier to send an image, emoji, GIF, or anything else rather than typing when we are on the run or otherwise occupied and need something more immediate than a long letter.

If they are pleading with you to respond, it would be best to send them an emoji that indicates you are busy. It’s not rude to keep someone waiting, but not responding to them is not a good thing either.

3. Self-expression

Emoji are a great method to convey emotions or develop your communication style. It’s beneficial to include self-expression in your everyday messages to give them a more genuine and personable appearance.

By customizing Emoji, companies like Adidas take their emoji marketing to a whole new level. Adidas passionately adores using Emoji to express its uniqueness and inventiveness as a company. Visit Adidas’s Emoji page.

4. An excellent marketing choice

HD Sticker pack for WhatsApp and other social messaging apps are crucial for how we communicate with our friends and family. Emoji can sometimes be a helpful approach to break the ice in uncomfortable situations or to avoid additional misunderstandings.

Emoji are ideal for companies that want to advertise their goods subtly, and there’s a chance that they’ll become popular.

There is no restriction on how many times you can use an emoji pack after downloading it, and receiving an emoji from a friend rather than an anonymous contact increases its value.


In conclusion, Emoji play a significant role in our daily activities and in the way we interact with people on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

Sometimes, being able to uplift our friends with a motivating emoji to make their day better makes us even closer to them. This is true for our customers as well, and it enables you to deliver excellent services and create relationships with them to keep them happy and engaged—in the hopes that they would repay the favour by promoting your business.

We’ve broken down how emoji marketing helps your brand express its creativity and authenticity, which appeals to customers and makes your brand stand out from the competition—which can be difficult. It is viewed as a budget-friendly alternative and it helps your brand express its creativity and authenticity.

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