Ankit Jha: Winning people’s heart through his Writing and Digital Marketing Expertise

Ankit Jha

Ankit Jha, born and brought up in Delhi, is a young Certified Digital Marketer. He has been awarded by digisessions as “young achiever in Digital Marketing 2018”. This undoubtedly proves his level of dedication and interest towards Digitalization and its applications. And without any surprise, the competition in this field is only increasing day by day due to everything becoming digital in the market and people becoming more familiar to it. But even in this competition he has not only survived in the game but also has won hearts of many.

It’s not necessary that every company has their own Digital Marketing Guru present inside the company who can understand the needs of the brand and help in reaching a certain level. Because Digital Marketing is something in which you don’t want to experiment and you want to give your best shot possible. In this case, companies require services from expertise so they take services from some expert who can understand their requirements, budget, goal and promises the result on time. This is how Ankit has helped so many organizations in their different stages, whether it’s about launching a new product or increasing awareness about the existing product. Through his experience and knowledge, he has helped organisations in reaching their goal by using the power of Social Media Platforms and directly analysing consumer’s actions.

Other than Digital Marketing, writing is something very close to his heart. Ankit is an enthusiastic writer who writes Hindi as well as English poems on his Social Media Accounts. He loves writing on Love, Romance and Sarcasm. He has touched many hearts through his poems and beautifully curated words. Ankit firmly believes that a pen has the power to empower the whole world to fight against the odds and make this world, a heaven to live in. He had a notion since a kid, that writing helped him to bring out all the darkness residing within him and helped him purify his soul. He has received acknowledgement for his intense plots and expressions of pain, effectively created on paper. Through his words, he displays the most hidden emotions in the most beautiful way.

And because writing is something that helps him to find himself, he has decided to never stop writing no matter what. Through his writing skills, he also realized that he can use this not only to heal himself but also to help others in growing their businesses in the best possible way. So, along with his Digital Marketing services In Noida like SMO (Social Media Optimization) for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, he also does freelancing for writing projects for organizations by creating contents which can help organizations in reaching the right place at the right time with the right information. And creating contents for organization means understanding them as well as their clients and target customer so as to deliver the information in the most effective and efficient way possible. And Ankit has proved that words and confidence has the power to change the world.