The Best IB Economics Study Materials You Can Use This Year

Best IB Economics Study Materials

Starting studying for IB Economic Exam? Is there any topic you’ve missed in the class? Or unable to understand the basics of any topic? Or maybe you need more clarification for a specific economic topic? Whether you are going to appear for IB Economic HL/SL exam, you shall need some extra study material to brush up your knowledge. We have gathered all the best IB Economic study materials and essentials in one article. This will guide you about how to use IB Economic notes and study material for the exam, important things to consider while answering the question, common mistakes for IB Economic SL/HL, etc. So, keep scrolling down to know more –

How to use IB economics notes and study guides?

If you are confused about any topic, then refer to the best study material which can help you in preparing notes and guide you in studying further. Micro and Macroeconomic notes and guides will help you understand the topics very clearly. Whether you are preparing at the last minute or a few months before the exam date, the notes and study guides would be the best thing to refer to and score a good rank in economics. As it is a subject which needs immense knowledge and a good understanding of different topics, it is best to take a guide for yourself in the form of a suitable book.

Get further helpful hints or tips for the IB economic exam along with additional guidance on how to structure your study process.

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Tips for studying IB economics:

Best revision advice –

Whatever subjects you are revising for, aims, and extent, your methods are quite similar. At the time of the revision, you shall aim to learn your subjects and develop skills to answer the questions properly. Everyone has to find the best revision techniques that work wonders for them. If you are in the final stage of your IB revision in the run-up to your exam you will probably be able to try it out in your trial exam and will know whether it worked well or not.

Review the study material –

The great news is that this doesn’t mean sitting through a 3-hour trial exam paper to go through your study materials properly. You can even practice the techniques that you will be using for the exam: drawing and explaining diagrams, essay plans, proper diagrams, graph drawings, and examples. All of these will let you test your knowledge and improve your exam skills in an efficient timeline. The most effective time duration is reviewing the chunk of materials in around 20 to 30 minutes every day.

Start with things you know

Always begin with what you already know because it will boost your confidence. The first revision of this topic might start with a blank sheet of paper on which you can write everything you think about it. The next time you revise this topic you have already practiced, for example, monopoly-based questions, and go over the materials for the second time. Go thoroughly with the questions and mock tests in a structured way.

Plan it properly

The most important thing that you should do before starting to study for IB Economic is to plan everything properly in a systematic way. Making a proper timetable for studying will help you a lot to study hard for your economics exam.

Essentials for studying economics:

Get a good textbook –

IB economics is an important subject with lots of moving parts and students can easily be fascinated if they do not have clarifications for their questions and queries. Even if you ask teachers, sometimes they are also not able to explain to you perfectly. Having a reliable textbook can readily clear any confusion you may have in mind.

Structured notes –

The IB economics syllabus seems to be interconnected and easy, but in actuality, each syllabus points to its style of information which can be learned individually from the very next. The entire course can be broken down into pointers in your language. These are the quickest ways to digest than essays.

Pre-plan answers –

During exam time, students are often under pressure about how they will answer any question. Most students are afraid of this, but there’s no reason to be! At this point in time, if you pre-plan the pointers of your answer which can come up, then this would be a great option for you to show your skills and knowledge.

Illustrate with diagrams and examples –

There are a lot of things in economics that are important to be well-illustrated. That’s where you can use diagrams and examples will help you. Diagrams carry a disproportionate no. of marks and they are so important in explaining the economic theory. Explaining any answer with an applicable example is an easy way to demonstrate to the marker that you know what you’re talking about.

What’s next?

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