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Economics is one of the compulsory subjects in commerce stream. Class 12 economics is divided into two parts macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development. Macro- economics include few difficult topics like National Income, Aggregate demand etc. Vidya Setu provides class 12 economics online classes for students to understand these difficult topics better.

12th standard Economics curriculum is divided into two parts-

Part A- Introductory Macroeconomics

Part B- Indian Economic Development

CBSE or central board of secondary education regularly updates the economics curriculum due to its practicality in the real world and importance in every business local or worldwide.

CBSE Class 12 Macroeconomics

Students often find macroeconomics more difficult than Indian economic development as it involves numericals and graphical representation of all the topics which could be difficult for students to understand. Macro-economy takes the economy of a country or world as one whole unit. The topics which are taught in macro-economy are National Income, Aggregate demand and supply, money and banking, government budget in economy and balance of payment.

Class 12 economics also includes economics projects which have to be made and submitted by students to external before class 12th board exams.

Reasons to study Macroeconomics class 12

As we discussed above, macroeconomics involves difficult topics which can be studied through class 12 economics online classes due to current pandemic conditions and closure of school and colleges. There are multiple reasons for students to join CBSE class 12 economic video lecture which are provided below-

  1. Macroeconomics helps students in understanding topics like National income and aggregate demand and supply which will be helpful for students in the coming future.
  2. The graphical representation gives real time data interpreting knowledge to the students and helps increase their research and analysis skills.
  3. It can also help students in understanding human behaviour and make impactful decisions

Benefits of economics online class for class 12-

  1. Class 12 economic online classes helps students to continue their studies without any disruption which has been caused by current pandemic and closure of schools and colleges.
  2. class 12 economics online coaching lectures are provided by experienced teachers around the world providing an opportunity to students as they can connect and study from teachers which are miles away from them.
  3. CBSE class 12 economics crash course is also provided such that students can get quick revisions in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  4. Most of the economics online classes are free of cost hence making it affordable to students who differ in financial status.
  5. Online classes for economics class 12 benefits students by teaching the basic principles of economics which they can apply further in their own entrepreneurial journey.
  6. Economics online classes also teaches financial knowledge and can be immense help to students who are interested in the field of finance.

Vidya Setu learning- best economics online classes for macroeconomics-

Vidya setu learning is an online portal which provides the best and free online classes for class 11th and 12th. It is like an open school available to all irrespective of any financial or physical differences. The Vidya setu economics online classes can be taken from anywhere and are of huge help to students whose studies have been disrupted due to irregular online classes provided by schools and colleges.

Macroeconomics online classes provided by vidya Setu are provided by experienced faculty which are expertised in specific subjects and understand students’ needs and requirements. Macroeconomics is difficult for a lot of students and Vidya Setu Learning online classes are great help to students who are managing their studies on their own due to covid-19.

Vidya Setu’s economics online classes are made as per CBSE or Central board of Secondary education prescribed NCERt books and are absolutely trustable. A lot of students who have studied from Vidya Setu believe it has made the economics subject very easy and understandable for them.

Benefits of Vidya Setu Learning-

  1. It provides experienced faculty which knows every student’s strength and weakness. The teachers might be miles away but are available to students 24*7.
  2. CBSE economics online classes provided by Vidya setu learning are Free of Cost so that money and financial status does not come between any students education.
  3. Vidya Setu’s class 12 economics video lectures in HD quality with clear audio so that students can study and take interactive sessions without any disturbance caused by bad video or audio quality.
  4. Vidya Setu’s online classes are Accessible to all and can be watched multiple times even without internet as it provides the option of download.
  5. The Video Lectures are available on YouTube which are Recorded and hence students do not get confused while watching every new video and can take only the methods which they are able to understand from Vidya Setu learning.


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The vidya setu economics online classes are a perfect solution to students’ problems of irregular online classes and video lectures. Vidya Setu provides online classes in a way which is comfortable and at the same time helpful to students. Students can visit the vidya setu’s official website or can go directly to their YouTube Channel.