Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Age


Erectile dysfunction, also popular by the name “Impotence”, is a common problem among all age men. When a person cannot maintain and control erections for a longer period, he is considered to be suffering from ED. Younger men in the age group 18-28 are less affected by ED than older men with 40-50. The symptoms of ED are common in the all age group. The causes are different for erection dysfunction in young age while old age ED problem is because of high blood pressure, diabetes or low pelvic muscles.

Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is available for all the symptoms and signs of ED prevailing in different age groups. This article will help us learn about different symptoms of ED in other age groups.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread sexual problem found around the globe. It is said that every 1 man out of 10 is suffering from ED. According to IASH, a renowned Andrologist and sexologist hospital in India, “an unhealthy lifestyle, porn addiction, and no proper sex education among youth grow the number of Ed cases among young age”,

Erection dysfunction happens when there is no proper blood flow in the penile region and eventually drop down the erection sooner than expected. Maintaining Erection is important to consummate with satisfaction. ED problems can be the cause for infertility, divorce, stress and even depression. 20% of divorce cases reported in India are because of impotence. It is essential to understand that ED problems can start as early as 17 years of age or show symptoms at 60.

Identifying the symptoms and consulting with the expert sex doctor will help you find the ED problem’s right. 

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction(Age)

Age is a significant risk factor for ED. According to some estimates, it is found that males have a 40% chance of having an ED by their 40s. The risk then increases by about 10% per decade.

While people are more likely to develop ED as they get older, ageing does not directly cause it. ED is not a normal part of ageing — some males are sexually active into their 80s.

The common symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction(ED) are:

  • Not able to maintain the erection for a more extended period of time
  • Not able to get an erection in the first place
  • Feel either pain or numbness while touching the penis. 
  • Lack of adequate firmness required for fertility.

People suffering from ED at different age groups experience almost the same symptoms. 

ED at Age  (17 years-27 years) : 

This age group comprises young people who have entered puberty stage and have a sudden inclination towards sexual behaviour. Porn addiction and masturbated addiction at an early stage of life can be one of the possible cause of Ed problems in young age.

It’s also found that people who are into excessive drinking and smoking have low testosterone levels, resulting in ED problems. They also link even sexual performance anxiety to ED. 

Not getting an erection or having frequent mood swings, feeling of frustration, and nightfall problems are some major dysfunction Symptoms at 17 years to 27 years.

Causes: porn addiction, masturbation addiction, obesity, foreskin problems, tested Problem, nightfall problem, performance anxiety, abusive substance addictions, unhealthy habits, physical injury 

Symptoms: not able to get an erection; feel pain, mood swings. 

Treatment: exercise therapies proper food diet sex education and shock wave therapy and medicine 

ED at Age  (28 years-38 years) :

This age group is classified for men who’re in continuous stress at the office or at home juggling their responsibilities. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction at age 28 years -38 years is physical and psychological causes. 

During this stage, blood, pressure and diabetes problems become common among men. Men who suffer such ailments have high chances of ED problems. Having a high intake of testosterone in supplements can also increase Ed problems.

Lack of passion among couples can also be the reason. The symptoms can be seen as fatigues and an unhappy mood.

Causes: testes Problem, high testosterone intake, low libido, infections problem, nightfall problem, performance anxiety, abusive substance addictions, unhealthy habits, physical injury, diabetes, high blood pressure 

Symptoms: not able to get an erection; not able to maintain an erection, feel uninterested towards sexual activity. 

Treatment: Couple counselling, Exercise, therapies, proper food diet, and shock wave therapy and medicine. 

ED at Age 39 years- 50years) : 

The middle age group of men need to be more relaxed, psychologically and physically. The body during this age undergoes many changes. The serotonin level increases in men naturally, which eventually also increases prolactin level. High prolactin level leads to hypogonadism problem, which is the leading cause of ED. Understanding the symptoms and managing it through medicines, exercise and food diet will help to maintain a healthy sex life in the longer run. The sex glands gonads also know that testes can also start producing less of sex hormone in growing age leading to hypogonadism.

Causes:  high blood pressure, hypogonadism, low libido, low testosterone levels, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, Peyronie’s disease, or penile curvature, injury to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder or any other 

Symptoms: No interest in sexual activity, pain, penis curvature 

Treatment: Medication like Viagra, Stendra, Cialis, Shock wave therapy, penile surgery, P -shots, Counselling, exercises and food diet.

ED At 70 age 

Ed is considered to be an elderly problem. At the age of 70, the body naturally stops building sex hormone and lowers blood pressure, resulting in low sex drive and ED. Various medicines for ED can be prescribed to men at 70 to keep an active sex life. 

Takeaway of the blog

Now, as we know that even young boys can have Ed problem with different causes and symptoms, the complication In Erectile dysfunction occurs with severe physical problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. ED has its effects on emotions. People suffering from ED quickly get engrossed in low self-esteem and relationship problems. 

It is therefore essential to acknowledge the ED problem at every stage of life. The symptoms timely identified can be treated naturally without any further complications.