Financial Intelligence: Money Mantra for People in The 20s


This is the age of Financial Intelligence. It’s not a fad or a trend, but rather a new way of thinking that can help us achieve financial freedom in one step and have the life we’ve always wanted. Everyone is always talking about how important financial intelligence is. But, when you’re in your 20s, it’s really tough to grasp the value of financial intelligence. Opt for best stock advisor in India.

Being wise with money and dealing with it wisely, making critical decisions and thinking ahead, earning money by offering services or products and being money conscious, paying attention to minor details which adds up to big things is what financial intelligence is all about.

Where to Start your financial freedom?

The best place to start your financial freedom is by learning how to manage your money and eliminate debt. These two goals will get you on the road to wealth, which leads to ending up in a positive financial situation. Financial freedom is no different. Financial freedom is about being able to enjoy more stuff in life, do what you want, and do it all on your terms. And if you want to be financially free before 30, then it’s important that you start building your financial independence early – even if that means taking the first steps today!

We all want to be financially free. The question is, how do you achieve it? When we’re in our 20s, it might seem like there’s no way for you to be your own boss and start saving for retirement. You’re earning a salary, not an income like most 30-somethings are enjoying. You need to find ways to earn more money or get more experience or develop skills to increase your personal wealth.

Purpose: Wealth Building & Financial Independence

You can’t take it with you. You can’t escape the fact that money is something you will eventually need to live on and financially secure your future. It’s important to start tackling your money matters early, so you can ensure a comfortable retirement and financial freedom. As you enter your 20s, you are faced with many decisions that will determine where your future goes. You need to decide if you will pursue a career in finance, medical device business or start an ecommerce business. Each field has opportunities for financial growth and the ability to have a large impact on the lives of others.

From buying a car, to paying your bills, there is always a need to understand how you can manage your finances in order to build wealth. Once you have money then you’re able to do whatever you want with it; whether that be fixing up my house or traveling around the world and see different places.

With the ever-increasing amount of people in the 20s, there are a lot of financial issues one needs to face. From building up your finances to securing your own future, money mantras for people in the 20s can help you achieve your goal by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to come up with step-wise actionable steps to becoming financially free eventually.

Start Buying Assets – Building Alternative Income Source

The most common time to buy assets is right after graduation. You’ve been through a lot of difficult years, you may have fallen in love and now you’re ready for something better. If this is your situation, here is a good money mantra for people in the 20s: “Buy assets – build alternative income source.” Sure it sounds cliché but when you really want to start investing and your mind goes blank, this sentence will be helpful.

Even if you are a 20-something that just got a job and have no great idea on how to earn money, one important thing you should know about is buying assets for long-term investment. With 6 or 7 years left in your 20s, you’re wondering how to begin investing. You see older people around you who are doing very well with their investments and are generally considered very successful in the stock market. Your friends and family tell you that stocks make great long-term investment, but they do not provide any short-term income. It’s clear what they mean—stocks cannot be easily converted into cash. Don’t worry if they make fun of shorting stocks in your company as well.

Build A Safety Net

It’s important to learn about the basics of money management and how to build a safety net so you don’t spend all your money on things that don’t really help you. People choose their words carefully when it comes to finances, as they are fraught with instability — especially young people.


The 20s is a critical stage of your life where you will have to consider financial stability. With the way things are going, it won’t be long before you are in the market for a home or possibly starting a family. Financial success is something that everyone wants to achieve and it comes in different forms. 

Some of us may want to start a business to become successful, while others might want to invest in real estate or a good stock portfolio. The truth is that your financial success depends on many factors and a lot is out of your control. If you are in the 20s and you have already achieved some financial milestones, you may still have some goals left to cross. You can opt for investment advisory.

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