How to Become an Effective Scrum Master


A scrum master is best known as a person who acts as a facilitator for an agile development team. The scrum master uses the scrum methodology which allows the relevant team to self-organize and make any required changes per the agile principles. The job of the scrum master is to manage all these changes and processes and how information is exchanged among the team members.

Becoming a scrum master might become a challenge for many people as working in an agile environment is quite tricky and one needs to be able to think out of the box to manage agile teams. So to be able to become an effective scrum master, we at are going to mention some of the ways that we see fit for becoming an effective scrum master.

Improve your scrum skills by getting certified:

Here, the first way to improving your scrum skills is to work hard enough to pass the Scrum Master Certification exam. Only through the Scrum Master Certification exam, can an individual become an effective one. This is because this exam is very difficult and passing it gives proof that an individual has all the necessary skills that can help him act as a scrum master efficiently.

Create a tension-free environment in your workplace:

Being a scrum master, you have to take care of a whole team that is always relying on you for everything. It’s up to you to either create an environment where no one is allowed to express their opinion regarding any matter and keep on following you blindly or give them the freedom of expression and openness. If the team feels that they’re being respected well then they tend to perform well.

Remove all types of impediments ASAP:

There isn’t any team or a workspace where there are no weaknesses or errors. But being an effective scrum master, you have to point out any such weaknesses and errors that are preventing your team to perform efficiently and then remove them as soon as possible. Only then your team would be able to give their best.

You are your team’s facilitator-Act like it:

Being a scrum master means that you have become a facilitator of your team. You have to make sure that your team has your back because eventually, their success is your success and vice versa. So act like a facilitator and become a source of information for your team in every aspect.

Give your team a chance to speak as well:

Being a leader of your team doesn’t mean that they don’t get to have a say in anything. Instead, it is the quality of a leader to give others a chance to speak as well. In a meeting, you have to learn to stay quiet if someone else from your team is presenting something. Don’t cut them abruptly even if they are saying something technically wrong. Just let them finish first and then correct them.

If a scrum master tries to focus on following even some of these ways then it is highly likely that you can become an effective scrum master in no time. But yes, all this can only be useful when you actually manage to pass the Scrum Master Certification exam by taking PSM certification dumps. So first things first, go pass your Scrum Master Certification exam and then focus on these ways to become an effective one.