How to Save Money on Your Airbag Setup? 


The modern air suspension system enhances the efficiency of any automobile. But there is a big fish that’s still far from people’s reach. They don’t come at easy prices, do they? 

There are so many variations of Airbag kits and a bunch of people can’t buy them as they are costly. But is there anything we can do? 

The answer is yes. And that’s why we’re writing this article. 

Let’s see the very tips & tricks that can help you save your money and enjoy the Airbag installed ride experience. 

Read the article to the end. 

1. Start with the Basics: 

To be very true, you don’t need so many advanced components at the very first instance. Start with the basic air suspension parts. If you have your garage and some collection of equipment as well, all you need to do is find out a few more specific components and set up the suspension. 

What do you need now? 

  1. Some airlines. 
  2. Four airbags
  3. A few T’s. 
  4. A pair of Schraeder valves. 

Are these enough? Yes. 

You’re in your garage and so you will find these super cheap. Provided you have to install it yourself. T-ing off your front and rear wheels and lift the chassis to shift things around the space. 

You will find out the exact method of fitting your air suspension system and what kinds of wheels will complement the system. Most importantly, it’s super cheap.

2. Level up when Possible: 

In the air suspension saving ideas, the second best idea is always to buy things when needed only. What is next? One compressor or one tank that is enough for now. 

Don’t intend to buy all the components at once instead go step by step. If you’re buying a compressor and pressure switch, you don’t need to buy the valves right now. 

First, take time and mount the two components. 

If you want to buy two compressors, prepare the space for the second. Collect the cash and then buy another one. 

The point is why to buy stuff when you’re not going to use them right now? It’s somewhat true that you need tanks & compressors to raise your level. But do you need that upgrade right now? 

3. Choose Your Valve: 

We understand how much you want to have a modern air suspension kit but if your budget is not allowing you to buy things right away, it’s your chance to re-evaluate the things and find cheap alternatives. 

Choosing manual valves is great for saving money. They are inexpensive & cheap and easy to install as well. Most probably, you will only need to install some extra pipelines to move the air freely from one point to another. More importantly, being so affordable, they are easier enough to plumb into your compressor and tank.  

Manual valves and self-installation will save a lot of money in your wallet. You just need to run your trucks right now. Once you have cash in your hands, buy your desired airbag kits. 

4. Wire It Yourself: 

The next tip is to wire the system by yourself. It’s pretty easy to set up your wire panel plus it’s affordable as well. 

Start with basic momentary switches only and switch box wire and mount them on your dashboard. Want some smart ideas? Create a metal piece and make some holes in it to place switches. 

How do wire switches work? 

There are two configurations- 3-prong switches and 6-prong switches. 

The 3-prong switches can only lift or drop one corner at a time whereas the 6-prong will work on a pair of airbags simultaneously. 

5. Look for Deals & Promotions: 

The automobile industry is way bigger than you think. So it’s very obvious that companies often bring their personalised deals, seasonal sales, and discounts to move with more customers. There is your chance and probably this is the #1 way to save money on your purchase. 

Countless sales are going on every day. All you need to do is find the right one for you and buy items from them. It can be a complete kit or some important components that will be enough for rolling your truck. 

6. Consider Used Parts: 

We know this is a risky move but with slight safety measurements, you can get your hands on several parts in good condition. Being 2nd hand products, they will cost you much cheaper than the originals. 

If you buy used compressors or valves or airlines which are good in condition, buying them and using your money somewhere else is a good idea. Being well, these used parts will not compromise your safety. But be aware as this is a really risky move. 

7. Avoid Over customization: 

Customising your truck on your parameters is a great idea to work on. You have the freedom and if you have some knowledge about automobiles, you can in real create some great modifications to your possession. (Check front Air Bag Suspension for Trucks)

But here is the catch. When to stop these modifications? 

You have to decide what the limit is. Customization sounds great but when unnecessary modification heavily drives the costs and doesn’t improve the performance or safety significantly. 

It’s great that you’re on your customization plan but create a STOP NOW button first. 

8. Upgrade as Necessary: 

Now, if you have reached this point, you know how smartly you can save hundreds of dollars on buying an airbag setup. The air suspension system is surely important but it’s not wise to put all your money into one thing. Instead, you can wait until you have the right amount to move forward. 

Where you put your money is important. 

The airbag suspension system also needs upgrades and regular maintenance. Wise would be upgraded only when you need it and not just because there is a new launch. Buying multiple compressors or a few more airlines is always helpful in the maintenance of the airbag system. 


Air suspension systems don’t come at easy prices. They are costly but that doesn’t limit your customization. In this article, we have discussed some of the tips to save money while equipping your truck with air suspension. 

Necessary upgrades, buying components in the sale, and DIY installation are some tricks that you can follow. One more secret tip is not to buy components from big brands. Find suitable alternatives and you will get much cheaper deals.


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