Sanotint best in creating Hair Care Products


Sanotint hair and skin products are one of the ebay in their own domains. They are well known for providing chemical free treatment, especially for people looking for chemical free treatment. The Sanotint hair products have proved themselves with the time and are recognized all over the world for their quality based products.

Sanotint products can be bought from their online store and is integrated with many payment options as per the convenience of the user. Sanotint is one such company that takes care of the users and provides them with the best solution.

Lets know more about their Hair Care Products:

Calming Oil:

Sanotint calming oil allows you to reduce blotching and redness. It can help in getting rid of sensitive scalp and irritated skin. The credit here goes to lavender oil and calendula extracts.

Calming oil can also be applied to all parts of your body to get rid of skin irritation. Its soothing properties will moisturize skin and also leave your hair with a fine fragrance. The oil is prepared from the plant extract and is also used in making the hair dye and can be applied directly to the scalp.

Lightning kit:

The lightning kit helps the user to lighten their hair colour and also gives the customized effects. On using the lightning kit you can colour your hair by 2 to 3 tones and can create flashes and streaks for obtaining highlights and reflections on tone just like the recent trends to create a perfect hairstyle. Adding to the above properties the Sanotint lightening kit allows you to have a lighter shade. It is ideal for getting through brighter reds while using before red hair colouring.

Sanotint Colour Care Conditioner:

The Colourcare conditioner does possess pleasant raspberry fragrances and also restores, protects and strengthens the hair natural beauty. The sun filter was added to make it perfect for fighting dryness also caused by UV rays. It is suitable for application after applying Sanotint Colour Care shampoo. Rinse your hair after applying.

Damaged Hair Shampoo:

The shampoo is perfect for perms, damaged and coloured hair and reinforces and generates them and in addition guarantees scalp protection. The balsamic, nutritive and softening properties of natural extracts of Lime tree and Camomile recaptures the brightness and natural softness of the hair.
The credit here goes to the soothing properties of Passionflower, Helichrysum and Yarrow and the Millet extracts softening action. The product also helps in improving the hair looks and leaves them regenerated, shiny and soft.

Baby Shampoo:

The shampoo is ideal for the children’s skin and hair. The formula for Sanotint Baby shampoo is based upon the natural palm oil derivatives along with wild Pansy and is known for their action against the baby’s milk crust. The synergy here guarantees complete cleansing along with the maintenance of hydrolipidic balance. The pH for the baby shampoo is 6.5 to 7 and is composed of balsamic and natural properties of Millets which hydrates and nourishes the hair and makes them shiny, clean and soft. The product here never causes any discomfort, even when it comes in contact with eyes.



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