Sanotint the Best Natural Hair Dye PPD free

Sanotint - PPD free hair dye

One of the best hair dye for gray coverage. Glowing and healthy hair can be expected with the lost lasting excellent colour outcomes. The hair dye allows you to mix two or at times more colours to experiment or design your hair colour at your own ease. Dye is also known to be one of the best because of its low allergy issues and is not composed of any kind of animal origin, so free from GMO. It is dermatologically tested and does not contain parabens, ammonia, alcohol and metals as an ingredient. The product is also approved by the Ministry of Health.

Sanotin hair dye is prepared without the addition of any kind of preservatives. The product can be applied as a cream and the remaining ones can be capped for future usage. In one or two applications you can cover all your grey hairs. It is best for the consumers to know about their sensitivities and for the same they can perform a patch test to know if they are allergic with the dye. Although it is quite rare, in extreme issues there can be minor allergies.

Sanotint, also comprises a minute amount of PPD i.e. 0.1 to 1.6% and is present in the form of Phenylenediamine. The percentage is lesser than any commercial hairline and any other hair dye product line as they may contain upto 6% of PPD or even more at times. Sanotint is free from any kind of ammonia particles, which is quite harmful for human health and is also known as the culprit of odor and inhalation issues. The hair dye also comprises EDTA, Resorcinol and propylene glycol. Do know that Sanotint does not permanently colour your hairs rather deposit the pigment. It will not help the dark haired brunette to look like a platinum blonde, which never happens with any kind of mild hair dye like Sanotint. The consumers should know about these issues before buying the offer.
They do offer a hair lightening kit which is peroxide based and can lift your hairs from the present one to three shades lighter.

Product Composition:

Sanotint hair dye consists of vegetable extracts and golden millets as the revolutionary natural hair colour which is readily available in twelve shades. It is completely free from p-phenylene-diamine, known to be a substance for causing skin irritation and also forcing many people to give up on their hair colours. With the absence of metals or ammonia, the Sanotint hair colour is perfect for regular usage, as it provides complete coverage and can be considered perfect even for sensitive skin.

The hair dye is perfect for people looking for a solution for grey hairs. Sanotint is readily available online and can be purchased from markets, to use it regularly for colouring your hair in desired colours. So, try one of the best hair colouring products for your hairs and look perfect for every occasion.