SEO tips for small business in a time of Covid19

SEO tips during COVID 19

Undoubtedly it is one of the toughest phases of the current generation. Being lockdown in their homes and not able to make any movement at all. Especially for businesses, this phase can bring the dark days of the old back when only people hardly connected and lived within their boundaries. In reality, this is the situation and things are likely to improve in the coming times. Still, you can make good use of this situation as well. Here are some of the interesting ways by which you can build SEO tips for small businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown.

1. Avoid Panicking, be smart and prepare for the future
2. Update all clients with current Situation
3. Don’t Stop Everything
4. Connect with Existing Clients
5. Work on Blog, newsletter or email marketing plan
6. Enhance Social Media
7. Add more to your sales funnel
8. Reassess and Reallocate
9. Track Return on Investment (RoI)

Avoid Panicking

First thing is to stay calm. Undoubtedly, it is one in a lifetime pandemic that you have to stay at home. Well, it’s the time to be creative, rethink your strategy, and plan for your future. Things that you couldn’t do calculate or usually get left in all day to day activities now can be meticulously planned. This free time must be carefully utilized for better productive results.

Updating Current Situation

First thing is to update your Google Business listing with a message that gives customers a positive vibe. If possible keep the communication going, share blogs, emails, and especially personal notes for existing customers will assure them for future endeavors. Most of the platforms today are notifying information about COVID 19 safeguard practices to keep their customers informed.

Keep the Investment Going

Pausing all your marketing can have a negative influence on future planning. Link building is a continuous process and SEO will still be more effective even during and after this lockdown. Though you can lower the investment on paid marketing and focus more on short term and long term goals to overcome this unseen challenge of Coronavirus.

Focus more on existing customers

In case if you can connect with current customers that you should. Emailing them a cautious note for keeping safe distance will go a long way in keeping the relationship. You need to create a list of these clients. And then Call them to ensure the safety and movement of the business to further promote your brand and services.

Work on Blog, newsletter or email marketing plan

In case you have missed content marketing for the last few years relying more on business sales then it is the perfect time to plan for strategizing. Blogs are great in engaging users to stay on your website to get more information and helps you get more impression on the search engines as well. Here you can take help from an SEO expert to get more online branding for your platform.

Enhance Social Media

With everyone at home during the lockdown, put more effort into reaching more customers through social media. There have been several speculations that organic traffic has improved more than 10X times in the last few months as lockdown has gone on, and on. Yes, it is probably right as people enjoy connecting with their brands sitting comfortably at home.

Add more to your sales funnel

Marketing is just more than a limited scope you have still experiencing. Try to add more funnel into your system to get more leads from multiple resources rather than one. This process will add more value to your business. So, read more about marketing strategies and get more funnels for your business.

Reassess and Reallocate

Another important aspect of this time you can utilize is to plan everything again. Reassess every step, procedure, and planning for all your business methodology. Reallocate all your business resources in the right market strategies. And then see the business rise from all aspects and get a speedy return as the COVID lockdown is finished.

Return on Investment (RoI)

With extra little time, you can now check the return for your investment. This will help you in the complete planning process for investing in the right techniques. You can here separate the techniques with little or no effect on a business sale. You can plan for a specific website, blog, content, and can plan for long term SEO with the right person to get more productive as the COVID lockdown gets over.

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