Alzheimer Care Home Delhi for Elderly Care

Elderly care homes in Delhi

Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s? Then you often have to deal with different care providers and with all kinds of laws and regulations. To keep the overview, help, and support can be useful. The Alzheimer’s case managers at Hope Ek Asha is your personal supervisor. They are trained in dealing with the disorders and support elder patients with practical matters, give advice, maintains contact with care providers, mediates, and helps you arrange care.  

They Do it Together

The professional caretakers at Alzheimer clinic Delhi always work with various experts in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Together they form a team to guide and support you and your family. They call this chain care. 

Counselling for caregivers Caring

For someone with Alzheimer’s can be intensive and sometimes difficult. Alzheimer care home Delhi experts help you with advice and guidance. For example, how you can provide the best care in certain situations. Furthermore, they inform you about their support and how they can reduce the ‘burden’ of taking care of elderly patients. For example, by taking over (temporary) care tasks from you. In collaboration with the various NGOs, Hoe Ek Asha offers support to you as a caregiver in contact with fellow sufferers.

(Care) housing with Hope Ek Asha

You prefer to live at home. But if you can no longer live independently in your own home due to the consequences of dementia or Alzheimer’s, moving to an Alzheimer care home Delhi location is a good solution. In these care homes, nursing homes, and residential groups, you will receive the care, support, and attention you need in a warm, safe environment. Whether you can go to a care home, for example, depends on your care profile. Do you want to continue living in your own apartment with care and support? Maybe cared-for living is for you?

The Alzheimer Care Home Delhi offers you a safe, homely environment. Here you will receive the care, (light) nursing and guidance you need. You live with us for a long time and as independently as possible in your own apartment. A short-term stay of up to twelve weeks is also possible. 

Living just like at home 

Alzheimer clinic Delhithey make you feel at home, live comfortably, and receive loving care. With you and for you, they create a pleasant, familiar living environment – just like at home – where not only you but also your family feel more than welcome every day.

All around Alzheimer’s Care

In addition to care, housing with support, and daycare, Alzheimer care home Delhi offer you and your family even more help and information about dementia. Sometimes in mild or moderate Alzheimer’s, ordinary things no longer go by themselves, such as making coffee or getting dressed. Occupational therapy can then help. Exercise is also important; then you function better and you can remain independent longer. For example, with their Physio Fitness program where patients move in groups, under the supervision of a physiotherapist. This way they stay active and you meet other people.