Best Places for Summer Vacation with Family

best 8 places summer vacation with family

A family vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reconnect and create memories. Branding agency London has put together a guide to help you plan your summer vacation for the ideal place for summer vacation, whether it’s a family vacation or a 2022 villa vacation for you and your loved ones.

Riviera Maya in Mexico

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is an ideal place for summer vacation. Mexico has a rich history and culture, exciting family attractions, and quiet places to get away from it all.

Mexico has many cenotes (deep swimming holes) and beautiful white-sand beaches. This is a popular beach in Mexico with lots to do for kids. Local water parks and museums can entertain the kids. There are Mayan ruins and museums nearby.

Bali in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, is another ideal place for summer vacation. Bali is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia due to its world-class snorkeling and stunning beaches.

Enjoy the reefs with your family. You can also take a boat tour to see dolphins. A family trip to Bali in 2022 must include the Ubud Monkey Forest. These friendly primates are seen in the act. Take your kids to one of Bali’s many museums or temples to learn more about the country’s history.

South Africa

You and your family will have an unforgettable vacation in South Africa, one of Oliver’s Travels newest and ideal place for summer vacation destinations. Only a few places on Earth remain unchanged from when they were alive.

There are a lot of important things to do when you visit. South Africa is a great place for families to go on vacation because it has everything from mountains to grasslands. Find out more about Cape Town and the Western Cape by going to the beaches near the city. Take a scenic drive through the Winelands area.


No, I haven’t. I’ve always wanted to go on a nature-based trip. If you and your family are looking for an ideal place for summer vacation destination, Ireland is the place to be!

The possibilities are endless, and your kids will most certainly enjoy the change of scenery and the opportunity to play the role of an explorer! Have you had enough of rural life? Dublin, the vibrant capital of Ireland, is an exciting day trip destination!


Isn’t the Maldives high up on your travel wish list? Fortunately, the country is also an ideal place for summer vacation for the 2022 family getaway. Of course, water sports and things to do on the beach are the main things to do.

Swimming, snorkeling, watching dolphins, fishing, and a lot of other things are available. If you want to go on a whale submarine tour or see a movie at the beachside cinema, you can do so. The cherry on top? These are things that you and your kids will both enjoy.

Santorini in Greece

Not everyone thinks Santorini is a good place to go on a honeymoon, but you should think about going with your family to Greece’s most famous volcanic island instead. Santorini is a great place for families with kids who like to be active.

Many companies offer boat tours of the caldera and many great places to swim on the island. History fans will be amazed by the fascinating story of how this volcanic island came to be.

Sussex in England

It can be a little stressful when you take your kids on a trip outside of the country. In a good way, “staycation” is still a big word in travel right now, which makes it easier than ever to take a short break in the UK.

What drew us to Sussex was the fact that it was close to London but still had a lot of different types of people living there. Sussex is quickly becoming a favorite place for people who want a stress-free staycation because of its bustling seaside towns and peaceful countryside retreats.

Puglia in Italy

Take your family on a summer vacation to the “heel of Italy,” a bustling and ideal place for summer vacation for all ages. In this part of Italy, Trulli houses are a popular tourist attraction for children.

Puglia is also well-known for its scuba-diving locations, making it an excellent choice for adventurous teenagers who want to learn the sport while having fun—taking a vacation in July or August? Summertime in Puglia means festivals honoring various facets of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.


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