PPD and its allergic reactions

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PPD is one of the most heard elements when it comes to hair colour. Many people question its relevance and the amount of its presence in the hair colours. PPD or Paraphenylenediamine is usually mentioned in the box of the hair dyes and majorly present in darker shades. It is a chemical substance that is often found in hair dyes and colours. Hair dye companies use PPD as it provides a natural look to the hairs. The hair dye composed of PPD is used both at home and in salon and is known to be one of the effective ingredients in colouring the hairs. It is also used in temporary tattoos, dark coloured cosmetics and also in textile dyes and various other printing inks.

Effects of PPD:

Although it is quite efficient in providing the desired colour to the hairs, the PPD has quite a reputation of providing negative effects to the user. Some of them include side reactions caused to the skin like irritation on usage and at times severe allergies on direct contact. Many individuals if sensitive to allergies can experience dermatitis, irritation and skin inflammation also known as eczema.
The eczema can be noticed on ear rims or on upper eyelids after the application of the hair colours. In many cases the swelling and redness of face and scalp is also found. The allergic reactions to PPD can result in dermatitis as well as hives in quite rare cases.
PPD can result in dangerous effects for hair stylists if not taken proper care. If there is any allergic reaction in the starting the PPD usage should stop then and there. The chances of allergic reaction and development of dermatitis is on a higher side.

PPD Alternatives:

The best alternative to PPD is to avoid using the products that contain chemicals. It can be hard to believe as the PPD is very much required for imparting colours to hairs. This is the reason the research is pushed for creating alternatives to PPD. Another product named as PTDS or para-toluenediamine came into the light as a substitute to PPD and manufacturers started using it for creating the products as it has proven effective in replacing the due ingredients without causing any kind of negative effects. To start using any skin related product always apply it on your skin patch then take it in your regular use, as it can cause a lot of related problems which you are not aware of in the starting and you can end paying loads of money to skin specialist to get rid of the same.

Using herbal products can be one of the solutions for the PPD related ingredients. But do check the package and the percentage of PPD before you place your order. It can cause a lot of issues which you never wanted. Always be on a look out for the products using ayurvedic or herbal ingredients and try to avoid chemical products as much as possible. Once you find PPD as an ingredient test it on your skin for few minutes then proceed ahead it will help you for sure. Sanotint is a remarkable PPD free hair dye that offers customers a way to get their natural color back.