What are the different stages of the Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a fantastic treatment that will help you to treat your decayed teeth. Instead of extracting the natural teeth, the root canal treatment will help restore the natural teeth and will save you from the pain of the tooth extraction.

But this isn’t a single-time process, the root canal treatment is an extensive process that might involve a step-by-step procedure, but do you know what?

If yes, it’s okay. But if not, then you can read the article till the end to know more. 

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dentistry treatment that helps restore your natural teeth. Root Canal Treatment will help you to remove the damaged tooth root from your teeth and fix it by refilling it with the filings and then decorating it with a crown. The crowns provide it with a natural appearance and also help to protect the fillings from external factors as well. 

You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you for the best dental care visit and check-up. Root canal treatment is a cost-effective treatment that you can avail it after the treatment.

Who are the suitable candidates for the treatment? 

You may need the root canal treatment in the following circumstances;

  • You may need a root canal treatment if you have pain in your tooth or jaw.
  • If you have swelling developed around your teeth and the jaws, even then, there are possibilities that you may need root canal treatment.
  • Even if you are sensitive to hot or cold, you might require root canal treatment.
  • If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, you may still need the root canal treatment for your teeth.
  • If you do find any blisters on your teeth or gums, there are chances that your teeth are demanding root canal treatment.
  • Even if you see an irregular colour pattern among your teeth, you may need root canal treatment.
  • If you have swelling on your head, face, and neck due to your teeth, even then, you might need root canal treatment for your teeth.

So these were some things that decide whether a person is a suitable candidate for the treatment.

What is the process involved in performing the root canal treatment?

The root canal treatment has several stages until you complete the procedure. This root canal treatment procedure involves 6 steps in general; They are, 

1. Preparation:

At the very initial stage, the dentists will prepare your mouth for the root canal treatment, injecting the sedatives under your gums and the teeth and making the area numb. After that, they’ll place a dental dam inside the mouth and clean it, so the treatment doesn’t affect the other areas of your mouth.

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2. Cleaning Canals:

After numbing your mouth with the antibiotics, the second thing with what the dentists will move on further is the cleaning part, where they will clean the canals by removing the damaged teeth pulp inside the teeth and cleaning the canals thoroughly. 

3. Shaping Canals:

After done with the cleaning procedure, the final step is towards shaping the canals. After that, the dentists will make your canals in the proper shape so they can fill them with appropriate fillings. The dentists will use specific dental instruments to help you fill the canals in this procedure. 

4. Filling Canals:

After the canals are brought back to a proper shape, they are filled up with the fillings and sealed with the sealants to provide stability to the tooth. 

5. Anti-biotics:

After filling your teeth with the fillings, the dentists will ensure that they provide your teeth with proper anti-biotics so that there is no chance for further infections in case of failure of the implants.

6. Decoration:

After finishing everything, the dentists will make your tooth look beautiful, which means they will decorate your teeth with a crown to give them proper stability and appearance. They provide you with a natural appearance, just like natural teeth.

So these were the different stages of root canal treatment.

What are the benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

Some unique benefits of the root canal treatment are; 

1. Cost-Effective:

Root canal treatment Cost in Chennai is usually more affordable than many other dental clinics in Chennai. However, it’s nearly cost-effective and under your budget. 

2. Protects Neighbouring Teeth:

Root canal treatment helps protect your neighbouring tooth from the effects of the root canal treatment. It prevents your teeth from getting rotten and also from the spread of infection to the adjacent teeth.

3. Improves Appearance:

Missing teeth can make your smile look incomplete and negatively impact your aesthetics; therefore, treating your teeth with root canal treatment can help boost the appearance of your smile.

4. Jawbone Degeneration: 

Missing teeth can make the area less stimulated, and the jawbone around that can degenerate, which is another crucial cause why you should opt for the root canal treatment. 

5. Oral Health:

Decayed teeth can cause several complications if left untreated; therefore, it is necessary to treat your teeth so that you can protect them from further spreading infections. 

6. Painless Procedure: 

The root canal treatment is painless as it is performed with the help of anaesthesia; it involves no or too little pain. Therefore root canal treatment is an easy procedure.


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