Dubbing Courses in Mumbai


Do you aspire to be a dubbing artist? Is it your dream to be the voice of unique characters such as Captain America and the Hulk? If the answer to the above two points is a big yes, then welcome, you have landed in the perfect place. 

Because in today’s article, we will discuss some great dubbing courses in Mumbai that will help you prepare and keep up with the industry trends and needs and amp up your dubbing game. 

But before we move to that, let us quickly skim through a few essential skills you need to step into the world of dubbing and voice overs. 

Key traits/ skills of a dubbing artist: 

1. Versatility:

as a dubbing artist, you will have various characters and roles to portray. Those dubbing for cartoons might even need to voice a male character being a female artist or vice versa. Hence, to thrive and prosper in this industry, the ability to be versatile is a must. 

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2. Creativity:

dubbing artists bring fictional characters to life with such perfection that sometimes it’s hard to discern whether they are fictional or real. 

The magic they weave seeps into our memories and stays with us for a long time. This is what we call creativity. It is their creativity that creates such masterpieces. Hence, it is integral to polish your creative skills if you want to be a voice-over artist.

3. Innovation:

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. In today’s world, innovation is synonymous with success. How can you tweak a character to make it stand out just by using your voice? As a dubbing artist, this is where you will need to be creative and innovative to bring your sense of uniqueness to the equation. 

4. Ability to understand and follow scripts:

Creativity and innovation are necessary to tweak your dubbing game, no denying that. But as a dubbing artist, you should be equally trained to understand and follow the scripts provided to you. 

Before you give your personal touch to a character, it is integral to understand what the creators and the characters demand from you. This is where familiarity with the script is essential. 

Alright, now that we have got an idea of the critical traits one should possess as a dubbing artist, let’s move on to the dubbing courses, shall we? And today, we will scour the city of dreams, aka Mumbai, to find the best dubbing courses for you. 

So, let’s hop right in!

1. Livewires Career Institute in Broadcasting & Films

The first on our list of dubbing courses is Livewire Career Institute in Broadcasting & Films.

 It is a premier institute providing courses on not just dubbing but also acting, advertising, cinematography, make-up, singing, disc-jockey, radio jockey, etc., to name a few. 

The institution also provides placement opportunities to the students and has tie-ups with big media houses such as Colours, Zoom, NDTV, etc. Livewire has branches in Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, etc. 

2. Filmit Academy 

Moving forward, making it next to our list is Fimit Academy. Filmit provides training in all aspects of voice over and dubbing, covering every little detail. So, if you want to become a voice over artist in India and render voice over and dubbing services, this place is an excellent way to place the stepping stones towards that goal. 

Filmit also avails courses in acting, film direction, film editing, etc. 

3. G-Corp Media

Landing third on our list of dubbing courses in Mumbai is G-Corp Media. This place provides workshops and training in voice over and dubbing. These workshops are further curated into individual, corporate and even kids’ workshops. 

Apart from courses and workshops, G-Corp provides a dubbing studio and other recording services in Mumbai. 

4. Ronkel Voice Over and Dubbing Courses in Mumbai

Powered by Young Butterfly, Ronkel provides voice over and dubbing courses in Mumbai. They provide efficiently curated voice over and dubbing courses with an interactive learning environment, allowing the students to make the most out of the courses. 

Students are given assignments and other practical ways to enhance their skills and learning with periodic conduct of examinations to judge their skills. 

5. Mumbai Digital Films Academy

Last but not least, featured in our list of dubbing courses in Mumbai is MDFA. This institution deals with various courses related to film, sound design, and recording. 

These courses include digital filmmaking, digital cinematography, film and video editing, voice dubbing and anchoring, etc. 

Their courses are curated by industry experts and are given hands-on practical experiences for enriched learning. 

The dubbing industry is expansive, with vast opportunities to explore your creative streak. And with a bit of assistance that these courses can absolutely help you with, one can go a long way in this industry. 

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