Do Anabolic Steroids Make You A Better Athlete?

Why do athletes take steroids?

Steroids are classified as a Performance enhancing drug (PED), thus I’d have to say that yes. Why do athletes take steroids? Nobody is going to take steroids and become a superstar overnight! If you are already a major athlete in any activity that requires amazing athleticism to compete in, then taking steroids will propel you to the next level that you would not have reached without steroids! Even if you are the only one who knows you cheated your way to the top and are never caught, using steroids is never worth it! NEVER!


The use of anabolic steroids by sportsmen seeking to increase lean body mass and muscular strength is common, particularly among elite weight-trained athletes. Current steroid doping regimens comprise a combination of injectable and oral steroid formulations at doses 10 to 40 times higher than those indicated clinically.

In athletics, there is a big subject that will always be debated: do steroids make you stronger? The majority of scientific research on steroid usage by healthy male athletes utilised steroid doses that were significantly lower than those used by many players.

 According to the findings of this research, most people acquire an average of 2.2 kg of lean body weight following steroid treatment. Although there are significant individual variances in the strength changes which is result of steroids.

How Effective Are They, And How Risky Are They?

 Approximately half of the studies indicate considerable improvements in strength assessments with steroid treatment, whereas the other half demonstrate indeterminate effects. There is a big question in athletics that will always be debated: do steroids make you faster? There is no convincing evidence to support the use of anabolic steroids to increase aerobic work capacity. Anabolic steroids cause stunted growth and virilization in infants, birth abnormalities in the unborn, severe virilization in women, and testicular atrophy as well as lower gonadotropin and testosterone levels in adult males.

Furthermore, anabolic steroid oral formulations has connection to:

  • liver dysfunction,
  • including carcinoma
  • pelisses hepatic,

as well as a variety of other problems such as

  • mood swings
  • hostility
  • and libido

Although there have only been a few accounts of serious or life-threatening side effects in athletes who have taken steroids, such negative effects may not become apparent for 20 years or more of widespread steroid abuse.

Steroids Make You A Better Athlete

There is a big subject in sports that will always be debated: do steroids make you a stronger and a better athlete? There is no answer to this question, however both views will be weighed in this blog.

When you hear that a professional athlete has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), it is usually because they are using an anabolic steroid, which is a synthetic medication that causes you to produce muscle far faster than the ordinary athlete. Many people believe that this makes you a better athlete; however, some take this with a grain of salt.

The People That Say Yes

According to Charles Yesalis, a Penn State professor of fitness and sports science, “anabolic drugs allow the player to almost attain a second adolescence.” Many people believe that gaining strength through the use of steroids is cheating, particularly in sports such as baseball and football. 

The power and strength used in all of these sports adds another level to them. In some cases, give the athlete who is using the PED’s an advantage. In professional sports, everyone should be on an equal playing field until skill offers the rival an advantage.

The People Who Say No

According to University of Wisconsin professor Norman Fost, if taking PEDs is unjust, then having certain coaches and trainers who are not available to everyone is also unjust. This is an intriguing viewpoint. What Fost mentioned has a lot of truth to it; perhaps drugs aren’t that much of an edge when compared to exceptional coaches and trainers.

Many people debate whether steroids make you faster. But one thing which is not in debate: steroids are bad for your body. Some of the adverse effects of steroids include an increased chance of heart attack, organ shrinkage, and many more. Learn more about what steroids do to your body HERE.


Personally, I believe that steroids provide an unfair advantage in all sports. Strength is a big aspect of baseball and football; it can mean the difference between a fly out and a home run, a tackle and a missed tackle. Using PEDs in a sport like mixed martial arts and UFC fighting is unforgivable. Because someone else is putting their life on the line and you are cheating to make yourself stronger and quicker. Steroid use is cowardly; an athlete should be talented and pure; using PEDs turns him or her into a cheater.


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