Funnel of Marketing ( Tofu, Mofu, And Bofu )

Funnel of Marketing

All growing businesses need marketing to boost their businesses day by day and as we know digital marketing is a blessing for each and every business it includes soo many services like SEO services and PPC services as well as all digital marketing services. Apart from it, all businesses are exits for sale but it is very important to understand the stages of sales. It means the time when a customer sees your product at the time he/she purchased it. they move from different stages These stages are called Tofu, Mofu, and Bofu. In this article, we’ll understand it in brief. 

The funnel of marketing represents the journey of customers. simply mapping the customer goes from the time they first see your product till the time they purchase if there are stages where the costume move from the time of seeing to time of purchasing the product that states simply known as a funnel of digital marketing so so let us understand in brief

The funnel of sales is basically divided into three stages. The first one is called the top of the funnel, the second one is the middle of the funnel and the last one is the bottom of the funnel. We will understand each and every funnel in the brief. These funnels highlight all the steps taken by the customer while purchasing the product. This funnel also has its short form like TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU let us understand in brief.

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Funnel of Marketing 


The first sales funnel is called the Top of the funnel (Tofu) is represent when a first-time customer sees your product and he/she is not sure to purchase that product that time the customer is in the first stage where you have to educate them about their product and make sure to clear all the doubt of your customer because the process of the sale start from the first stage so it is necessary that when your customer is in the first stage you need to make it easy and clear all the doubt of your customer and make it educated toward your product. So this is basically known as the Top of the funnel. 


the second sales funnel is MOFU, the middle of the funnel as one if customer educated toward your product he/she converts in a lead at this middle of the funnel where you need to solve all queries of your leads and put your hard efforts to convert the leads into actual leads the next level process depends on this stage it is most important to clear all things toward your

product and make easy conversation with your customer to make them convert to next level that is Bofu. 


The third and last funnel of sale is called Bofu, the bottom of the funnel where your customers are ready to purchase the product. This is the last stage where the customer has decided to purchase your product. This stage is called the bottom of the funnel. 


This is how the sales funnel works the three stages of the sales funnel are tofu, mofu, and bofu. This is important to understand this sale funnel which helps you to increase your sales and boost your business at a high level.

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