Why Is Indique Hair Better Than Mayvenn Hair?

Double Front braids
Double Front braids

Whether you’re a novice to hair extensions or a seasoned pro, being well-versed is always a smart idea. Surprisingly, most women worldwide believe the claims of hair retailers. You might be the next target if you are uninformed about hair extensions and wigs.

Businesses will guarantee you quality and durability and deliver low-quality hair extensions and wigs. In any case, we’re not here to dissuade you from purchasing hair extensions. 

As true hair extension and wig users, we encountered several hair companies based in the United States. The top two names, Indique Hair and Mayvenn Hair, have a comparable reputation, as well as parallels and distinctions in the type of products they offer, although they have similar target audiences. 

Even with similar products and reputation, why is Indique Hair better than Mayvenn Hair? Continue reading to find out! 

Indique Vs Mayvenn Hair Extensions: Overview 

Indique Hair

Indique Hair provides a vast collection of hair extensions, wigs, bundles, frontals, and closures that use the highest quality 100% virgin human hair. The virgin human brand was established by Ericka Dotson and Krishan Jhalani in 2007. 

They collaborated to create a devoted audience and were able to run two stores by 2009. Indique Hair currently has 10 physical stores across the United States. They have various options that suit every woman with natural hair. 

Indique specializes in virgin human hair of the best quality, which is a compelling factor in doing business with the company. They also include a number of texture variations, up to eight in total, throughout the different collections Indique offers. Indique offers fast delivery and free shipping on orders over $200. 

If you look at Indique hair reviews, you will find a ton of positive comments, mostly because of the quality of their products. Indique’s testimonials also highlight the extensions’ longevity and suppleness and the ability to experiment with new styles while retaining the extensions’ condition.

Mayvenn Hair 

Diishan Imira established Mayvenn hair in 2013. The e-commerce website provides a fantastic range of 100% virgin human hair, and the site is very straightforward to use. Mayvenn is well-known for its package sets, but the brand provides much more. Wigs and other techniques are available. Mayvenn hair extensions, wigs, and bundles are available in a wide range of textures and hues.

Mayvenn hair is known for its incredible customer support, perhaps more than its products. Mayvenn hair extensions reviews are mixed; some loved it, while others despised it.

All orders from Mayvenn hair include free standard delivery. You can estimate your orders to arrive in 4-6 business days! If you decide to have the products delivered in a day, expect to pay up to $40 more in freight.

Indique Vs. Mayvenn Hair Extensions: Hair Quality 

Indique Hair Extensions

The supple virgin strands will be your first impression of handling Indique’s hair extensions and wigs. Although both Indique and Mayvenn hair have Indian virgin hair in common, the processing method is more natural and advanced at Indique. 

Indique collects ethically-sourced virgin Indian hair from the temples and puts it through a rigorous wash to remove dirt and impurities. The hair is then sorted, steam-processed and hand-crafted. 

They offer both hand-tied and machine-wefted hair bundles to meet the demands of different clients. The thickness of the bundles varies depending on the collection, but one thing you will notice is a natural taper with almost all their products. 

The brand also offers a multitude of lace front wigs made using Indian virgin hair. These wigs provide complete coverage and an incredibly natural-looking hairline. With Indique hair extensions and wigs, you can be confident that the quality will always be top-notch.

Mayvenn Hair Extensions

Mayvenn hair extensions and wigs are made with virgin Indian, Brazilian, and Malaysian hair. 

Brazilian bundles Mayvenn hair extensions are double wefted and add volume and length without the heaviness. Mayvenn hair offers hair that is soft and silky, which makes styling much easier. However, you will notice that Mayvenn hair extensions have split ends at the ends, and the tips appear much thinner compared to Indique’s extensions. 

Another point to mention is that when you unbox the hair, you will notice a foul stench. It fades away after being outside of the packaging. You should ensure it’s fully aired before proceeding with the installation.

The knots where the hair strands are visible due to the thinness of the hair. Their closures are much thinner than Indique’s. Given the lace material, Mayvenn hair’s frontals and closures integrate nicely with the hairline, but the absence of hair will give it a balding appearance. A lot of customization is required to achieve a natural look, which will cost more. 

Indique Vs. Mayvenn Hair : Range Of Products

Indique Hair

Indique is a well-known hair company that specializes in virgin human hair extensions. They sell weaves, wigs, clip-ins, ponytail extensions, semi-permanent extensions, and even braiding hair. You can also get bundles as a set at a reduced price. 

They offer the above-mentioned virgin Indian hair products under their different collections.

  • Pure Collection: 

This collection boasts a wide range of products; fishnet clip-in extensions, braiding hair, lace front wigs, and bundles in various lengths and textures.

  • Bounce Collection:
    This collection primarily offers bundles in varying lengths and textures and clip-in extensions. The collection is a favorite among women looking to enjoy a headful of coily, curly, and kinky straight styles. 
  • SEA Collection: 

There are 13 different products under Indique’s SEA (South East-Asian) Collection. You will get bundles, closures, and lace front wigs in stunning textures.

  • Hysteria Collection: 

It is one of the collections by Indique to offer colored weaves. You will find platinum closures to ginger and chocolate-colored bundles. 

  • Studio Collection: 

This collection is filled with Indian virgin clip in hair extensions with lengths ranging from 14 to 22-inches. 

  • Keratique Collection: 

Indique’s Keratique Collection is designed specifically for stylists and professional use. Both flat tip and v-tip semi-permanent extensions are pre-bonded with keratin. Almost any style is achievable, from highlights to lowlights, if installed by a professional. 

  • Remix Collection: 

This collection boasts machine-drawn virgin bundles, closures, and drawstring ponytail extensions in various textures. You will find hairpieces in lengths ranging from 10 to 36-inches. 

Mayvenn Hair 

Mayvenn hair is quite known for its bundle packages, but they also provide a decent range of other goods made with Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian hair. Yaki straight, kinky straight, curly, straight, body wave, and water wave are some of the textures mayvenn hair extensions are available in.

That being said, in comparison to Indique, Mayvenn hair still falls behind in providing a wide range o

f products. With Mayvenn hair extensions, you get more color and length options than products. Mayvenn also offers a selection of closures, frontals, and 6 types of wigs. 

Indique Vs Mayvenn Hair : Reviews 

Indique Hair Reviews 

Indique Hair has received numerous positive reviews on the internet. The quality of their virgin hair extensions, wigs, and weaves has pleased and satisfied customers.

Indique’s new and returning customers praise the brand for offering long-lasting and versatile human hair extensions in type 3 and type 4 textures that blend beautifully with their natural hair.

Customers with blunt haircuts at the time were also surprised they didn’t need to modify their existing hairstyle or customize the extensions. 

Their high-quality products and superior customer service have proven Indique to be better than Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn Hair Reviews

If you search for Mayvenn hair extensions reviews, you will find a few happy clients and many unsatisfied customers.

Mayvenn Hair reviews criticizing poor quality items and the brand not honoring their money-back guarantee are common.

There are also reviews from customers who were previously pleased with Mayvenn hair extensions and wigs but had a bad experience.

Some consumers claim they could not submit proper and honest reviews on Mayvenn’s official page, leaving many to wonder if the positive reviews came from the brand itself.


Indique specializes in virgin human hair of the best quality, which is why it is superior to Mayvenn Hair and why you should buy from the brand. They also include a number of textures, product options, and lengths throughout the different collections.

If you want to enjoy a headful of healthy and lustrous weaves, extensions, and wigs, Indique is the better choice. The wide range of premium products and in-house hair care essentials make Indique the superior choice compared to Mayvenn hair.


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