How Can I apply in Canada after Graduation?

Canadian University

With over six hundred thousand students working choosing to study in Canada from across the world, it has become one of the most popular study destinations for students. Canadian universities are famous for their multicultural, and diverse cohort of students which enhances the perspective of students and ads to their experience. All this amplifies one’s career aspirations by providing abundant opportunities.


To pursue higher education in Canada you need to fulfil certain criteria that the universities require. Below are some of the most important prerequisites which are mandated by most of institutions-

  • Bachelors Degree – To get into a post-graduation program in Canada, you need to submit your bachelor’s degree.
  • Work experience – To pursue higher education in Canada, you are required to have a work experience of at least 2-3 years for most of the programs
  • English Language Proficiency – You must be proficient in English if you wish to study in Canada. If your native language is not English, then you are required to submit your IELTS scores. Your minimum score should scores should at least be 6 overall.
  • GMAT or GRE – GMAT expands as Graduate Admission Test, it is required, if you wish to study management or business program in Canada. Further, there are some specific programs that require GRE (Graduate Record Admissions). Although both the tests evaluate your quantitative, reasoning skills and analytical writing ability.
  • Resume- You are also required to send your CV or resume to the Admissions Committee. In this CV, you are required to mention your work experience and extracurricular activities, in such a way that they subtle demonstrate your soft skills.
  • SOP – SOP or Statement of Purpose is a personal statement in which you describe your motivation to pursue the particular program from that particular college, and how it matches your goals.
  • Essays- After filling out your application form you will get some essay questions asked by the university. You should answer these questions in a personalised manner and write specific information.
  • LOR- LOR stands for a letter of recommendation, you are required to submit at least 2 letters of recommendation- 1 professional or another academic. However, many universities ask for more than two recommendation letters as well.
  • Valid Passport – You need to have a valid passport to get a study permit in Canada. The validity of your passport must cover the duration of your course.

Student Visa

A student visa is known as a study permit in Canada. It is issued by the Canadian immigration authorities. It is not possible for students from different countries to study in Canada without this permit. 

Eligibility to get a study permit

  • You must get an acceptance letter from the university/college you have applied for, only then you can apply for the study permit
  • Through the statement to the bank, you need to prove that you have enough funds to sponsor your studies. 
  • There must not be any criminal record
  • Your health should also be intact, you must not be suffering from any chronic illness.

How to apply

  1. Time taken to process the application– You must ensure the visa processing time from their official website, and apply to the schools accordingly.
  2. Fill out the application– After you determine which schools you want to apply to, you need to fill out the VFS services.
  3. Processing Fee– After filling out the form, you are required to pay a certain amount as the processing fee.
  4. Submit– Finally submit your application applications along with the documents required. Then you will get a receipt, which would enable you to track your online application.

Please note that if you are also applying for your family/ spouse, then you need to submit their documents as well.

In summation, there are many universities you can apply to in Canada. The number of students that consider studying here demonstrates the quality of education that this country offers. Additionally, the easy application process and less stringent policies make it a hub for students.


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