How to Adjust to Premium Eyewear


Eyeglasses are widely used to correct vision problems. It takes time and struggles to adjust with the premium spectacles if you are wearing it for the first time. This is quite common because our brain and eyes take some time to adjust with the eyeglasses and process the new sharp images seen through your eyeglasses. Usually, it takes three days for your brain to adjust with the new vision and five to seven days for your face to adjust with the frame. But the tuning period might last up to two weeks in some exceptional cases, depending on the vision problem (like in astigmatism) and also your age matters.

The commonly faced problems while getting a new pair of spectacles are:

• Eye strain on the very first day
• Distortion of images at the edges of the frames, usually called ‘Fishbowl’
• Difficulty in the depth perception, at the very first look you cannot make it out how far or close an object is.
• A mild headache is very common, but if it continues after two to three days consult your ophthalmologist.

Even people who had a minor prescription correction face these issues. Cheer up! These problems will go away pretty quickly. If you are still finding it extremely difficult to adjust to premium eyewear, try wearing it for three to four hours on the first day, five hours on the next day and gradually increase the wearing time until you are comfortable with your eyeglasses.

Here are some points that must be considered while ordering the spectacles online. We have also mentioned some simple steps to quickly adjust your eyeglasses by yourself.

Check your frame size

Frame size varies from person to person depending on the shape and size of the face. Some people require a large frame while others require small ones. If you are already wearing eyewear and changing to different frame style then it might affect your vision. For example, changing from a rectangular frame to a round frame, or inversely, results in distortion of images due to change in the curve of the lenses. The same way, if you were wearing a large frame earlier and moving to a smaller one, the smaller frame will come into your field of vision. So choose the correct frame size and ask your optician to measure it.

Check your Pupillary Distance (PD) value

Pupillary Distance (PD) specifies the location of glasses over the eyes. This value also determines the distance between the center of your right and left eye pupils. To guarantee a perfect vision, always ask your ophthalmologist to mention it on the eyeglass prescription.

Prefer frame that satisfies your requirement

Pick rimless eyeglasses, if you would like to have a lightweight frame with no visible silhouette, or else go with full-rimmed ones for a durable frame with well-defined appearance. Acetate frames are more stylish and trendy, whereas metal frames are more durable and classic. So choose the desired frame that satisfies your requirement.

Select the right lenses

Ask your optician plastic or glass lenses, which material is perfect for you? Plastic lenses are affordable and perfect for people who have less power, while people with higher power require high index lenses either made of glass or polycarbonate material.

How to adjust luxury spectacles

When you order luxury eyewear online, the new frame might be sitting too low or too high on your nose or slightly tilted to one side. Adjusting a pair of luxury spectacle might be a challenging task, but without taking them to an optician for the adjustments you can easily do it by yourself with a bit of care. Just follow these instructions carefully:

If spectacles are sitting too low on your nose

If spectacles are sitting too high on your nose

If spectacles are slightly titled to one side

After making necessary adjustments, be in front of the mirror and check for the perfect fit.