How to Improve English Grammar to Excel in IELTS/PTE exam?


Accessing English proficiency through an English proficiency test like IELTS/PTE exam is mandatory for candidates willing to go abroad. Every year, a huge crowd of Indian youngsters travels to English-speaking county due to their prominence in the education field. But before they travel there, they have to ensure the authorities about their proficiency in the language spoken there. 

Well, proving your proficiency in a language other than your mother tongue can be strenuous due to a lack of familiarity with the language. You have to gain expertise in grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and other skills separately if you wish to get a score. But the most prominent thing that you have to learn to gain expertise in the English language is its grammar. 

Basically, English grammar is about word order, rules, tense, and other parts to convey your message correctly and exactly in the English language. Without a proper understanding of basic English grammar, it is very difficult to use the English language correctly. 

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Improve your English grammar with the help of the following pointers and excel in IELTS/PTE exam with the desirable scores:

Read a good book

There is no denying the fact that referring to an appropriate book will help you a lot in learning English grammar in the best way. Therefore, get a good book that elaborates on the basic concepts with the utmost efficiency. Understand that you must access a book that is suitable to your interest, preference, and understanding. If you can understand basic English then, refer to “Oxford Guide to English Grammer”. The book is quite tough but gives you a detailed explanation of the basic rules with the help of examples. Well, if you don’t feel comfortable with the book then, choose the book that experts recommend.

Learn with the examples

To understand any rule, you must take a glance at the example that shows the proper use of the rule in a sentence. Go slow but learn with a great level of efficacy. Understanding the concepts with the help of the examples will help you gain a stronghold on the usage of the rules practically. Well, while reading the examples, you have to analyze them from every angle. Observe the place of the words in the sentence with patience. Without the help of examples, it is hard to learn the concepts of English grammar. Keep this point in mind while preparing for your IELTS or PTE exam.

Write and analyze 

Well, while reading a grammar book, you must carefully analyze the rules and usage with the help of examples. But besides this, try to create examples by yourself as well to know if you really understood the concept or not. This will help you improve your confidence in using the rules practically while reading and speaking the English language.

For example, if you have learned the use of “for” then, create examples that include the word “for”. Such as “This is for you”, “ we bought the surf for washing the clothes” and “they are leaving for Delhi”. Now, take time and analyze the difference between these sentences. This will strengthen your understanding of the concept with its profound knowledge. 

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Immerse yourself in English daily 

Studying English grammar with gaps of days and weeks will never let you learn the language with the utmost efficiency. Therefore, immerse yourself in the English language on a daily basis and grow persistently by taking little steps. Read a prominent newspaper, short stories, articles, biographies, and novels, and watch movies along with subtitles to immerse yourself in the English language. Chose the way that suits suitable to you. 

Well, if you find the pattern of the IELTS exam quite strenuous then, consider the PTE exam. It is often said that the pattern of the PTE exam is quite more attractive and easier in comparison to the IELTS exam. If you make up your mind to take the PTE exam then, join a reputable platform that offers the best PTE online coaching to prepare well. 


The above-mentioned tips will surely help you ace English grammar for your IELTS or PTE exam, but only when you apply them wisely. Furthermore, you can also choose to study under the guidance of the experts or with a companion as this will facilitate your studies. 


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