How To Wear Diva Divine Hair Extensions

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I bet nobody in the world loves thin and damaged hair. It is difficult to achieve something that you want with your hair. However, we hardly see people without wear amazing haircuts and styles. The simple secret is they have access to hair extensions. Hair accessories are ideal for achieving various stunning hairstyle.

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Having hair extensions is not good enough to achieve a gorgeous look. You should also know how to wear them to create a flawless look, so in this article, let’s learn the simple steps to wear clip-in hair extensions. I will talk about clip-in hair extensions because it is the best and widely used among women.

What are hair extensions, and how long do they last?

Hair extension definition varies with different companies and personal perspectives. For me, hair extensions are the best accessories regarding hair. I don’t feel confident to go out when I don’t have long and luscious hair-with hair extensions I can instantly achieve both volume and length.


Hair extensions’ life-span depends on the quality and how you maintain it. It also depends on what hair care products you use. They will last six months or even up to a year if you take proper care of them.

Steps to wear a clip-in hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions

  1. Decide on which area you want to clip the extension. The sides and the back are the most comfortable area to attach the extension. Then take a section of hair at the point where you want to secure your hairpiece.
  2. Tease the section of hair you selected by brushing your hair towards the roots.
  3. Apply texturizing spray to the back-combed roots to hold your hair extensions without any slippage hair extensions without any slippage.
  4. Take the extension and clip it into the shaft you created on a section of hair. Gently pull the extension’s end to check if it is secured.
  5. Follow these steps if you want to wear more wefts depending on the thickness of your hair. You may use as many as you like and the type of hairstyle that you want to achieve.

    Best tips to maintain hair extensions

Maintain your extensions to make them last longer

● Before you jump into wearing or styling your extension, you should be intelligent while picking a hair extension for you. I believe you know this essential tip, but I am reminding you because, in the end, I don’t want you to end up having hair that you don’t like.

● If you face challenges in achieving a natural, visit a stylist to blend the extension with your natural hair.

● Always use a heat guard before blow-drying your hair extensions. Blow-drying is not the best thing for your extensions’ life-span, so don’t use a blow dryer to your extension all the time after washing them.

● The life-span of the extension also depends on where you keep them; proper storage is excellent to keep them healthy and durable. Store your extension in a dry place where there is minimal sunlight.

Conclusion: I think hair extensions are the best accessory and friend to create terrific New Hairstyles . If you want to look amazing with long and voluminous hair, hair extension is a must have accessory. However, you should also know the tips for maintaining them and wearing them apart from selecting the best. Master the steps to wear the extension and make heads turn!