How Does Instacart Application Work ?

Instacart Application Work

Instacart application works similar to Uber Eats and Doordash, but it focuses more on grocery shopping. Due to covid-19 for protection, they deliver groceries to the customer’s door without coming into contact with the customer. 

When the coronavirus spreads in  the United States, so many people are unable to go grocery shopping. As a result, shopping from grocery apps are at an all-time high. You can hire a grocery app development company if you want to launch your own app. 

Since Instacart is one of the largest and most commonly used grocery delivery services. This blog will explain how does instacart application work.  

How Does Instacart Application Work?

Instacart allows consumers to shop online for groceries from local retailers. And then assigned a “personal shopper” to deliver your order the same day. 

The shoppers use major grocery stores in your city, such as Kroger, Shaw’s, and Costco, and then submit your order. 

This personal shopper goes to the supermarket, buys everything on your list, and delivers it to you. 

This app allows you to search items by type. Users can shop by category, such as “Produce,” or by subcategory, such as “Fresh Vegetables.” 

After finishing the grocery shopping, users must confirm and pay for their orders, and they will receive a notification until a shopper approves their order.

Where is Instacart Available?

Download the app on your smartphone to get this grocery delivery service. You’ll need to enter your ZIP code after you’ve installed it. 

It will assist you in locating available grocery stores near you based on your zip code. 

After you determine your location, you’ll need to create an account and start shopping for groceries.

You must first sign up with an Apple ID, a Google account, a Facebook account, or an email address.

You can choose from a wide range of locations in this app. Your previous grocery store will appear at the top of the screen for easy access.

Aldi, Albertsons, Kroger, Sam’s Club, and Sprouts are among the more than 300 stores on the Instacart marketplace.

After choosing a shop, browse all of its items. After you place an order, this app will assist you with a personal shopper.

Instacart Express Membership

If you want to use the grocery delivery app on a daily basis, you can purchase an Instacart Express Membership, which costs $99 per year. 

This Express Membership entitles the recipient to free delivery on orders over $35. 

Instacart Express is a cost-cutting subscription choice that waives shipping costs and reduces service fees on orders over $35.

They also give a two-week free trial period of their services. You can use their offered services in a two-week trial and then cancel if you don’t like it.

Personal shopper

A personal shopper is someone who will go grocery shopping for you and bring your groceries to your house.

While the shopper is buying your groceries, the user should pay attention to the app. 

If a product is out of stock or a shopper purchases the wrong product, the user can contact the shopper.

The majority of shoppers are not instacart workers. That means they operate on a contract basis, similar to how drivers in taxi booking app development company like uber and ola work. 

Your grocery shoppers are self-employed individuals who sell and buy your groceries. 

They are paid based on how many orders they completed. You have the choice of tipping your shopper.

These shoppers don’t choose anything or from any store; they only choose items from the grocery delivery app that you order from the store of your choice. 

You will pay the exact amount listed at the time of checkout after the shopper selects your grocery items at the time of checkout. 

This balance can be paid with a credit or debit card. A shopper is fast when it comes to grocery shopping; they can complete one order in under an hour.

Wrap Up

Instacart is a commonly used and famous grocery delivery service. It allows you to get groceries delivered to your doorstep from your favourite local grocery stores.

Owing to the inclusion of delivery and service costs, Instacart delivery would be more costly than shopping in shops. You can also give your shopper a tip. 

You can also arrange your delivery timing anywhere between 2 hours and 2 weeks after placing your order. If you’re looking for a grocery delivery application, Instacart has a large network of participating grocery stores and is available in most metro areas.