Hyundai and Maruti Workers tests corona positive after resuming work


On May 17 the third phase of lockdown ended. In the fourth phase of lockdown central government guidelines said that factories may resume their production, only if their state government allowed. But it seems that it was not a wise decision as on Sunday three employees of Hyundai Motor Co’s India Plant have tested positive. Before this, one employee from Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. had also tested positive for coronavirus.

It is an alarming alert for the government that resuming work at factories may lead to turning the situation worse. As many people work together at a particular time, there is a possibility that the virus can spread rapidly. According to the Hyundai’s spokesperson sixteen persons have been tested from the unit located in remote areas of Chennai for coronavirus and among two reports came as positive, the remaining is awaited.

Maruti’s manufacturing unit located at Manesar reported one positive corona positive and the second is also expected. According to the sources, the factory is been sanitized where the staff has visited and sealed for some time. The other staff is asked for self-isolation who came in direct contact with the infected person.

This incident has challenged the government to decide to resume the workplaces. In order to revive the economy, the work has been restarted, although the initial results are not good. The country has been lockdown for almost 2 months, which has affected the economy adversely. One thing is sure that the government needs to re-evaluate its policies to seize the spread of COVID-19.