Why Do Pickup Truck Sales In India Seem To Be Stagnant?

Why Do Pickup Truck Sales In India Seem To Be Stagnant

Despite their propensity for rugged SUVs and crossovers, Indian consumers avoid purchasing pickup trucks for several reasons.

The pickup truck, much like the muscle car, is an American icon. Evidently, pickup trucks are a staple of American society. But, how frequently do Hollywood productions feature pickup trucks? Finding an answer for it would be challenging.

Pickup trucks are popular among many people and have a rich history. As a result, pickup trucks are trendy in markets like North America, Latin America, Australia, and South-East Asia.

Because of their popularity, pickup trucks are now a viable alternative to family sedans. As a result, pickup trucks are the top-selling automobile in the US and Canada. Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet—the American trinity—sell the majority of pickup trucks worldwide each year. Other manufacturers and distributors of pickup trucks include Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, and others.

Pickup Truck: Concept

The idea of a pickup truck is straightforward. a passenger cabin and a spacious bed for cargo. Unfortunately, the pickup trucks had few comforts and were frequently utilized as delivery vehicles. However, pickup trucks are now a lifestyle choice in many global marketplaces.

Some popular pickup trucks have been created using a straightforward formula. They are equipped with a sizable, potent engine that can move the car to regions without a road. These cars with larger bodies have sturdy, rigid suspensions. They can function just as effectively on asphalt as they can off-road. The pickup trucks are infamous for their nature and bestiality.

Pickup Trucks: India

Even though these unique and capable vehicles are well-liked in many places, they haven’t gained traction in India, one of the world’s largest auto markets in terms of sales volume.

As the rest of the globe has been doing in recent years, Indian consumers have been particularly interested in compact SUVs and crossovers. As a result of the trend, other automakers in the nation are introducing their SUV lineups, which are also being warmly received. Crossovers and SUVs are top-rated in the North Indian market since they are rugged cars. However, there hasn’t been much demand for pickup vehicles in this area either.

Alok Verma, Consulting Partner at Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, discussed the reason why pickup trucks are unpopular in the Indian market “Pickup trucks don’t seem to be a popular category in India because they are more applicable in an environment that emphasizes outdoor activities or camping as well as a DIY market like the US. While the camping and outdoor markets are less developed in India, the country is more of a “GID” or “Get it done” market.”

While pickup trucks are less apparent while driving on Indian roadways, SUVs are. On Indian roadways, only a few pickup trucks are visible, and the vast majority are used to transport commercial items.

In India, Isuzu sells pickup trucks. Following an upcoming release, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux have also seen road testing in India. Two domestic manufacturers, Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra, each tried their hand at the pickup truck industry but failed miserably. Another pickup recently included in the same sector as both is the Ashok Leyland Bada Dost.

Pickup Trucks: Unpopularity In India

1. udgement Complex

Buyers of pickup trucks frequently struggle with a judgement complex. Despite the significant shift in Indian consumers’ attitudes, many car buyers continue to purchase vehicles or two-wheelers not because they enjoy them but rather because they are better or more expensive than their neighbours.

In essence, pickup trucks don’t match the bill for many Indian purchasers for whom the vehicles are frequently aspirational products. Even if a consumer enjoys pickup trucks, they often stay away from these vehicles due to the judgmental or nosy attitudes of others toward the owners of these vehicles. They choose a typical SUV or crossover instead.

In India, a pickup truck is viewed more as a product haulier than an aspirational vehicle with unlimited potential. Consequently, while admiring their capabilities, many people hesitate to purchase them. Instead, Indian shoppers continue to strongly identify with pleasant and straightforward family cars.

2. Policy Restrictions

Another significant factor contributing to the unpopularity of the category is the Indian government’s stance on pickup trucks. Pickup truck registration in India differs from that of a passenger car. Once the registration is paid, the car receives a white registration plate, and the driver has a valid LMV licence. Passenger vehicles are permitted to be driven wherever in the nation.

Contrarily, a pickup truck is registered as a commercial vehicle in India and is given a yellow license plate. The driver also needs a commercial vehicle license. A pickup truck owner must also get a national permit if they want to drive across the states because it is considered a commercial vehicle.

This is a significant factor in why many who are interested in pickup trucks don’t choose to purchase them. In addition, the fear of being judged by others comes to mind once they are informed that they must have a commercial vehicle license and that the pickup truck will have a yellow license plate, which eventually causes them to opt for an SUV crossover or passenger car instead.

The rise of pickup trucks in India is being hampered by a legislative oddity, not by differing Indian tastes, a top Ford India executive claims.

3. Size Matters

Well, when it comes to autos, appearance and size are essential. Customers from India might be interested in larger, more powerful cars, but not in pickup trucks. The pickup trucks are too big and intimidating to them. Moreover, many people find manoeuvring a large pickup truck through the congested city traffic a terrifying nightmare.

The city streets in India are congested with too many automobiles and frequently experience traffic jams. As a result, many people hesitate to purchase pickup trucks due to their practicality.

4. Not value for money 

The pickup vehicles don’t offer good value to many Indian purchasers. Although fuel economy is less of a concern now, many consumers still hesitate to purchase pickup trucks because of their massive, powerful engines, which make them fuel guzzlers.

Many other criteria, including warranty, price, fuel efficiency, resale value, and design, influence the choice of an automobile in India. While conventional cars frequently meet these requirements when the client orders, Indian pickup trucks don’t. They have a negative effect on demand and sales since they are big, expensive, and have poor mileage.


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