Sonu Sood, A real Hero for Indians


Actor Sony Sood has come into media limelight and has been trending on Several sites for arranging food and buses for the migrant workers. On Monday, the 46-year-old actor tweeted the helpline number – 18001213711 – along with a message.

Sonu twitter account has a message for all.
“If you are in Mumbai and want to go home, please call on this number. And tell us – How many of your are there? What’s your current location? And where do you want to go? Me and my team will try to help as much as possible.”

Many have forward to praise the actor for his deed.

“The sensitive nature of the work that you are doing with sending migrant workers back to their homes safely is exemplary. More strength to you, Sonu,” tweeted Mr. Devgn.

“Words from you give me more power and encourages me to work harder,” replied Sonu Sood.

Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan also gave away a big salute to Mr. Sood for his dedication in this once a lifetime Corona Virus situation that has stopped the entire world into lockdown.

Many Indians have praised Sonu Sood for his work.

Sonu Sood told PTI “I was getting a lot of calls… thousands of calls every day. My family and friends were busy collecting the data then we realised we might miss out on a lot of people who we will not be able to approach us. So we decided to open this call centre, it is a toll free number.”

Sonu also set up a team to manage these calls, “We have a dedicated team working on it, trying to reach out to maximum people and contact each and every person. We don’t know how many people we will be able to help but we will try.”

Mr. Sood is using Twitter to connect with people looking to enquire about transport. He has given a response to everyone to get this huge attention among the Indias. He is the real hero in this toughest situation for the country since its Independence.

Well the number of Cases of Coronavirus is rising in India and will soon reach more than 1,50,000.