US China Cold war to Continue


Since the Coronavirus pandemic has spread in the world, every country has blamed China for it either directly or indirectly. The US President has always made it clear in his statements that China has started a war against the superpower. The US is the most affected country in the world, to date more than 90 thousand people lost their lives to the coronavirus in the US only. It has devastated Donald Trump in both ways, the first loss of life of his citizens, and secondly, America has an election this year in November. Trump government has failed to control the spread of the virus, which somewhere has spread negativity against the President.

On Sunday, the Chinese Foreign Minister said in a press conference that the United States is pushing relations with China to “the brink of new cold war” over the Hong Kong issues and coronavirus. Earlier, over the Hong Kong matter US-China relationships have been soured due to clashed ideology. Again when the coronavirus which has started from Wuhan, a city in China, lead to so many deaths, economic instability in the United States, Trump ridiculed China over it.
Donald Trump has said multiple times that this virus has been developed in a laboratory of Wuhan and it is a plot against his governance. He has even stated that China should compensate the world over the corona pandemic. In response to this, the Chinese foreign ministry said that nobody asked America to compensate for the AIDS pandemic and the recession in 2008. It even blamed America for the H1N1 flu strain.
How far this blame game will go, nobody knows; but coronavirus has made one thing very clear that even superpowers are not prepared for such pandemics and our science needs to be developed more.