The best way to develop the ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ game?

Battlegrounds Mobile India’ game

Whether it be a player of any age group or the Indian men’s cricket dressing room, Battleground mobile India a.k.a PUBG mobile India is one of the most famous battle royal games among all gaming enthusiasts in India.

Just like the Tencent version of Pubg, anyone can play the Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS and Android devices. Being a grossing mobile game, various gaming entrepreneurs keep on looking for the Best way to develop PUBG game.

However, developing a game like PUBG mobile India requires a good amount of fortune and a well-versed development team. If you’re also a gaming entrepreneur looking to shape your PUBG game tournament development idea into reality then Google has brought you to the right place. This quick guide will shed light on every best way to create PUBG mobile game.

1. Develop a compelling strategy

Before diving into the development process, it is essential to take one step into the time. Before the worldwide launch, the PUBG mobile was only released for Canadian users.

This strategy helped the Tencent developers to determine the lags, loopholes, and other fixes in the beta version. Therefore, before hiring PUBG game tournament services, it is essential to implement a strategy capable to delve into every aspect of the game development like gameplay, graphics, sound, characters, and a lot more.

2. Audience targeting

Know your game audience before hiring a game development company. Study about the consumer behavior and other relevant demographics to determining their expectations.

Instead of launching the game on a native platform like Android or iOS, look for a developer that can develop PUBG game on cross platforms. The cross-platform game development will help you to target the audience on platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android at a pocket-friendly cost.

3. Unique game idea

There is a thin line between a successful and a well-designed game. Content is always the king, work on your game idea to ensure maximum traffic. The game idea of Pubg mobile was very unique and unheard, 99 players jumping on an 8km island was very engrossing for the gaming enthusiasts.

A well-designed game without engaging content cannot hook much audience and popularity as compared to the game developed with brilliant content. Also, check whether your game idea can expand into the battle royale dimension or not.

4. State-of-the-art graphics

Graphics are the first point of user acquisition in every game. Always ensure that your PUBG game tournament development company possesses extraordinary skills and experience to deliver eye-catching and high-end quality graphics against a competitor like Pubg mobile.

If your end-product does not showcase AAA quality graphics even in the high configuration devices then it’ll not be able to ensure a higher user retention rate.
Ask your developer to provide some in-build features for customizing the color, designs, skins, and graphics of the game like pubg.

5. Real-life gameplay

Real-life gameplay is just another way to create PUBG mobile game. The Pubg mobile India has a lot of advanced features and extreme complexity. Still, its gameplay and controls are very comfortable.
Ensure that the layout of your PUBG tournament services is easy to adapt and allows similar functions as the free look, leaning, crawling, and running in a desktop battle royale game. Adding functions like controls customization, button resizing, console settings will give you a standalone advantage against other competitors like PUBG.

6. Revenue model

Developing a game like Pubg mobile requires massive investment and if there is no revenue model then what’s the point in burning an enormous amount of budget. Looking into the Pubg monetization strategy, it is free to download and play. However, there are various in-built elements inside the application that need some payment from the user.

The aspects such as thrilling gameplay, interactive graphics, mind-blowing strategy, and astonishing gaming experience have made Pubg a highly addictive game. Therefore, most users like purchasing the latest in-app elements to enhance the gameplay.

Similarly, study different monetization models. Various other games charge some amount to run third-party advertisements through the in-app advertising revenue model. Moreover, there are some game applications that charge a one-time fee from every user, without paying that fee a user cannot play that game. If your game also boasts interactive Unique selling points like PUBG tournament services then you can also consider the premium paid app model.

7. Social media integration

Nowadays, it is impossible to find a game that lacks social media integration features. In Pubg, players can share their achievements on social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Your game like Pubg mobile should also focus on social media sharing features where players can highlight their rewards, achievement, and goals to gain popularity among the audience.

Take home message

The above section carries vital enough knowledge to educate about the Best way to develop PUBG game. However, before hiring a PUBG game tournament development company, always check their work portfolio, live projects, development plans, and technical background. Also, check the online reputation of the developer, it let you know that what people are talking about them.








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