How to Access My Old Annual Income Tax Returns?


TurboTax is a program that helps you file an income tax return and has been incorporated with user-friendly features. It not only saves your time by gathering the information and completing the forms you need to file for your business. If you have no idea how to open .tax file without TurboTax and with it, you must keep following the step-by-step breakdowns.

Guidelines to Access Old Annual Income Tax Returns

With TurboTax

  1. The first step is to Download and Install TurboTax if it is not installed prior. You can install it by following the steps down below.
    • You can start by opening up a new tab from your browser.
    • After that, open the official website of TurboTax.
    • Download the setup file of TurboTax.
    • Before starting the download process, it’s asked to save the (.exe) file in your device’s appropriate location.
    • As the download process completes, open the installer, and it’s asked to proceed through the installation process.
    • Once the software is installed, you can double-click on the icon available on the desktop tray and access the newly installed software on your device.
  2. Step 2: Now run the TurboTax file.
  3. Step 3: Tap on the file in the top-left corner, and then choose the option– Open Tax Return from the sub-menu list.
  4. Step 4: Navigate to the location where the .tax file is available and open it.
  5. These are the effective ways you can open .tax file with TurboTax. Now, we will discuss the steps to open a .tax file without TurboTax.

Without TurboTax

You can open the .tax file to PDF Format by converting the TurboTax file to PDF Format.

Methods to Convert .Tax File to PDF Format

  • At the first Step, Open your TXF file in your TurboTax program.
  • Choose the File menu and select the forms you would require to convert into PDF format.
  • Now, you can select save as PDF format.
  • Finally, Save the file in the desired location to convert the complete file into PDF format

Alternative Methods

  • Navigate to TurboTax to PDF file converter from the web browser.
  • Go to the browse option and Select the TXF file.
  • Now, Choose– Convert button to get the process started.
  • After conversion, you must download the PDF file.

These are the methods to open tax files, but, sometimes, naive users access their account in someone else’s PC, so they want no one to use their account and dele it. But, they have the query in their mind– how to delete TurboTax account? Some of the effective steps to delete the account are mentioned below.

  1. You must Sign-In to your TurboTax account.
  2. After that, tap on the option– Take me to return.
  3. Now, you are supposed to hit on an available account located at the top.
  4. After that, click on the start over option.
  5. You will see that you will delete your complete information and TurboTax Account.

With the help of these steps, you can get your data and account deleted. However, many users want to know how to recover the deleted information; you must follow the steps or guidelines.

  1. Open the remote data backup software.
  2. Choose the backup view and then tap on retrieve view.
  3. Now, Go to the operation menu and choose the Find option.
  4. Type the name of the TurboTax file you want to restore.
  5. Now, you can choose– Find Next.
  6. Again, Choose the same option– Find Next if the requisite file doesn’t appear.
  7. Go on repeating this step until you get the right file you want.

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